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Group Description

All created guns from Pimp My Gun

An awesome video introducing the group

An introduction to Flickr PMG

Best of the group

Please see the group rules before posting

Some useful custom components

Group Rules

Hello and welcome to the Pimp My Gun Flickr Group. We're glad you've applied for admission to our happy community, and we look forward to having you here. First and foremost, if you can't speak or at least understand English, this group may not be for you. We are an English first group, and communication is essential.

Now down to business. Before you can be accepted, there are a few things that must happen. First, make sure you have some PMG creations in your photostream that AREN'T "presets" (more on that in the bolded section of the rules), and second, write us a short sentence telling us that you understand the rules and want to be a contributing member of the group. Your weapons don't have to be amazing, and your sentence doesn't have to be elaborate, just let us know you're here to build and be a part of the community.

Here are the rules you need to know.

1. PMG and PMG only.
-There are discussion threads for WIPs and non-PMG art/photos. Editing programs like Gimp and photoshop are okay if the underlying creation is PMG, although we ask you to please state what editors were used.

2. NO off topic chat in threads labeled "Func" (functional).

3. No Plagiarism.
-If you use someone else's part or modifiy/work with someone else's gun, give credit. If you don't know who actually made a part, say that it's not your's and ask who might've made it. This also goes for inspiration images from DeviantArt and/or other art sites.

4. No spamming and/or hard trolling. We have our resident troll, his name is Cami. We aren't looking for any more.

5. Utilize Flickr Mail.
-If you have a problem with another member of the group, or a moderator decision, do not post it publicly. Take it to FM's and alert/discuss it with the appropriate people.

6. Be kind, courteous, and constructive.
-A community can't function if we can't be civil. Make sure your comments and notes are constructive. Simply posting "preset" is not constructive.

7. No private information sharing.
-This functions just like Flickr's own Terms of Service. Do not post the private information of another member here. It will not be tolerated.

8. No random accusations.
-Unfounded claims about the actions of another member will not be tolerated. Don't like someone? Have proof and talk to a moderator.

9. - No presets in the pool.
This group is about displaying your own creativity in PMG, not showing off the M16 you use in Black Ops. Presets include weapons with little to no creativity, and that display a lack of effort. Don't just slap a random shape on an AKM.

10. All contests must pass through the submission station.
Furthermore, challenges/teams/design groups/promotion threads must be cleared with the moderators before making them.

11. No headhunting or recruiting.
- We ask that public advertisements of paid or unpaid work for commercial projects not be posted in the group. This is to comply with DocNoob's recently updated terms and conditions on the PMG page and to safeguard against younger members of the group being taken advantage of.

Group Responsibilities (Warnings/Short term suspensions)
In order for the group to function properly, we ask that all members follow the following. Breaking these rules we'll most likely result in a short suspension or warning.

1. Use the Search Bar.
-Check to see if a question has already been asked before creating a new thread.

2. Use appropriate threads.
-Requests should be directed to the request thread, questions to the question thread, etc. Most all of the important threads are in the thread portal.

3. Stay on topic.
-Try to add something relevant, there are numerous OT threads and a general chat thread where you can post other material (this goes for posts like "tl;dr" as well)

4. Proper spelling and grammar.
-All we ask is you make friends with your punctuation keys, and maybe even your shift key.

5. Creativity.
-We understand not everyone is awesome at PMG, but we highly encourage good effort out of every member! Please use creativity in all the things you post to the pool.

6. No successive WiPs (Works in Progress) in the pool.
-Please post one, receive feedback, and then put each successive WIP in comments on the finished project.

7. Report trolling to the moderators.
-We ask that any trolling be reported, and that every member do their part in keeping the group civil. (Again, do this by FM's)

The above rules are not the only rules this group operates by. General etiquette is required, but as it is almost impossible to state explicitly, we are relying on your own judgment to decide what is acceptable and what is not. However, the moderators are the ultimate authorities in these situations. Respect their decisions, they are not made without deliberation. Remember, if you have a problem with a decision, use FM's to discuss it. Do not post it publicly.

Bans and Suspensions

This is how we operate.

Warning-The warning lets people know when they're close to being suspended.

Short term suspension: 1-3 days
-Short term bans are the first resort. Basically, the short term suspension is a time out from the group. Members who have been here long enough to know the rules are especially susceptible to these suspensions, because they should know when they're across the line.

Mid term suspension: 1-3 weeks
-Second resort. A mid term suspension follows a short term suspension. Depending on the severity of the incident, a mid-term suspension might be given directly.

Long term suspension: 1-3 months
-Third resort. Done after the mid term if necessary. Interchangeable with Perma ban incident dependent.

Permanent ban
-Automatic for trolls. Automatic for extreme disrespect to members and moderators. Automatic for people who have exhausted short/mid term bans and won't change with the long term. The perma is interchangeable with the long term ban, incident dependent.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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