Is quiche pie?

VROG in Bristol 1:51pm, 13 March 2007
It has pastry and a delicious filling
But is it pie?
Lexington Bosh 10 years ago
hell no. more like a phlegm-flan
Yes, same thing... pie shell+filling ...

Quiche is savoury whereas pies are sweet (usually) ...
cowfish 10 years ago
Pie has a crust on all sides, despite what various colonials say...
Quiche is a tart. And I mean that all in all the various ways it could be taken. It loves it.
VROG in Bristol 10 years ago
there are horrible limp cold quiches
in small cheap foil containers
with circles of tomato almost floating in little wet eggy ponds
these are the devil's own food
and in no way should they ever be compared with the fine solid institution that is the pie

there are deeply savoury, warm quiches, with rich melting fillings, crisp buttery pastry and a scattering of mature cheese on top that catches in the heat of the oven
these might just, I suggest, deserve a place alongside their more upright cousins in the pie family?
sugarfreak PRO 10 years ago
I vote NOT pie.

What makes a quiche a quiche is the egg. So really it's more of a pastry-fied omlette.
Lexington Bosh 10 years ago
you can get eggs in pies - just think about those pork pie things with eggs running all the way through the middle.

as for gifted gourmet's assertation that all pies are sweet, clearly this is wrong. badly wrong.
cowfish 10 years ago
An american friend and I instituted a pie-off to fight the corner of what constitutes a real pie - True Pie was in the end deemed to be a pie with both a top and bottom crust, and of course crust on the side. Faux Pie, or tart if you swing that way, is a tasty foodstuff, but it is not pie in the truest sense of the word.

Lattice pies throw a spanner in the works...
bobby stokes 10 years ago
i would have to say no, because of the lack of top pastry.

pork pies can be eaten cold, but to say pies are usually sweet....well, gifted gourmet, you have some lovely pictures and i am sure you are very nice person, but on this occasion you are talking through your hat!
a06987 (CGN Services) 10 years ago
This is not going to resolve the debate and will probably make it even more confused, but this is a definition from

'a baked food having a filling of fruit, meat, pudding, etc., prepared in a pastry-lined pan or dish and often topped with a pastry crust: apple pie; meat pie'

Personally I am with Cowfish in that a pie needs a top and a bottom and as for lattice pies, who know the answer to that!
VROG in Bristol 10 years ago

lattice pie is definitely a pie
(the clue is in the name)

the definition definitely puts quiche in the pie camp
it has a pastry-lined pan or dish and it has fillling - pie

what about shepherds pie?
no pastry at all - but surely a big player in the world of pies?

Cornish pastie?
meat and veg filling
pastry all the way around - top, bottom, sides, little crinkly ridgey bit, the lot
but nobody would call it a pie
bobby stokes Posted 10 years ago. Edited by bobby stokes (member) 10 years ago
aaaah, the shepherd's....and it's cousin the cottage.

serious spanners.

the pastie can be dismissed in the same way greggs products can....wrong shape.
cowfish 10 years ago
We defined lattice pies to be a pie of the surface area of visible pastry on top was at least as great as the area of the non-pastry substance (aka filling). Otherwise tart.

The pasty/jalousie/etc argument was solved for me in the past by saying that pies had to be baked in a tin/pie dish. A "proper" raised pie with the pastry solid enough to hold itself without support is definitely a pie, but not allowed by that rule though...

As for shepherd's "pie" - not a pie. However, i have heard of a mysterious shepherds pie that had mashed potato all around in the form of a pie crust...I'd have to have a long hard think about that one.
VROG in Bristol Posted 10 years ago. Edited by VROG in Bristol (member) 10 years ago
there is an excellent cookery book dedicated to pies
by the English writer Tamasin Day-Lewis
it's amusingly titled "Tarts With Tops On"
this would in itself seem to back up the suggestion that a true pie has pastry on top
although, spanner-like, it includes several mashed-potato-topped creations
(it also includes the most gorgeous chicken pie recipe by the outstanding Bristol chef Stephen Markwick - but that's probably a detail for a different discussion)
VROG in Bristol 10 years ago
have we concluded that quiche is NOT pie then?
nice, but not pie?
silver and gold
derek.missouri [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by derek.missouri (member) 7 years ago
Quiche is a pie regardless of what anyone thinks who says it isn't a pie. It's a savory custard pie with vegetables and spices or herbs. It's very French, too, and many people in France make quiches. I don't consider it a tart either because I make it like a pie.
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