roasted sea [deleted] 3:49pm, 22 September 2009
I am 54 and would like to have a lip piercing. My wife thinks I am crazy because I am not a "young kid" any more. I am just trying to get a consensus of what others with piercings think is inappropriate on an "older" guy. I do have a tongue ring, botj nipples and a few others but these are not noticable on a regular basis such as a lip ring would be.
jerribaby 9 years ago
never too old! :D
roasted sea [deleted] 9 years ago
Thank you Jerribaby
♥mabeliita♥ 9 years ago
If you feel like it then go for it! Assuming you live in the States I gotta say I think people is less judgemental there, if you really want it and you don´t work in an enviroment where visible piercing is not well seen then I don´t see why not.

I´m 25 and I remember last year I told my mom "I wanna get my nose pierced, what do you think?" and she says: don´t you think you´re a little too old for that? I was like what are you saying?!?!
laurajackie 9 years ago
No one is too old for piercings! If you aren't having to hide it for a job or any other reason, I would say go for it! :D
roasted sea [deleted] 9 years ago
Thank you for the encouragement. I am passing on the lip for now but I did pierce my septum. I leave it out at work and only two comments. I put it in at home and my wife does not know about it.
My_DearJuliett 8 years ago
do a center labret on you lower lip.. it would work maybe :)
roasted sea [deleted] 8 years ago
My lip piercing was in the center of my lower lip. I liked the way it felt but my wife said no way. Acouple of weeks ago I made a mistake and wore my septum piercing too close to home and she saw it. She was very unhappy. Now I make sure to hide it before I leave work and only show it when I know she won't see me. Thank you for the suggestion though.
leswstn 8 years ago
hell I'm 73 and I want my face full of piercings. THERE is NO such thing as "to old". As long as I am still breathing I will still be getting tattooed and pierced. Also want my tongue split
resonant existence [deleted] 8 years ago
my dear women, u are never too old for peircings even not in your face because it makes you more beautiful and u feel even more then before like a women, so why would u be too old??
U know, u are just as old as u feel, it is not the number that counts.

so like I can see it is more then one year ago that u have posted your questions well I hope that u have already a couple of piercings and hat u are proud of it and love yourself even more
feeble stamp [deleted] 5 years ago
If you need to ask your to old.
I'm coming up 56 and if i want a piercing i have a piercing, I get them for myself and if i like them thats all that matters
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