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I would like help, please reply in any way

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necromanik55 says:

Well..............I have a few piercings I want to get.
And like being sixteen, I'm not allowed to have anything except my ears.
But I want a jacob's ladder, my lip, and my nipples
I can honestly wait for the jacob's ladder and my nipples
But is there anyway to conceal a lip ring?
like i know it sounds childish but i need help.
8:44PM, 6 May 2009 PDT (permalink)

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shilo.stone521 says:

well you can really wait for all of them its not like they are necesity but just try making a borgain with your parents thats what i did i told them if they let me get my tongue peirced that i wouldnt get anything else done till i was 18 and if they said no that i would most likely just have someone else do it anyway but that other person most likey wouldnt be a professional so it was their choice a pro or someone else being most likely a teen. needless to say i got my tongue peirced, i was 15.
112 months ago (permalink)

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.suh-lest. says:

you can't really hide a lip ring because after all it is a ring hanging out of your mouth. there are bars that are clear that can possibly be unnoticable but you might have to have the ring in for a week or two. just wait until you're 18. most places won't do it without parental signature and def don't do it yourself.
112 months ago (permalink)

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