Bella_Miha 6:37pm, 8 May 2008
did yours btuise alot when you got it done.. .look @ my pic if you want to see what im talking about... its pretty dang bruised..

how long did it take to heal?
Saccharin Sweetheart 10 years ago
Mine didn't bruise but took a while to heal... a few months at least before the redness totally disappeared
esmée[old account] 10 years ago
I have mine for almost 4 weeks now, and the redness fully disappeared after 2,5 weeks.
And mine didn't bruise either.
aback account [deleted] 10 years ago
i dont have a monroe but bruising will take place if you didnt bleed a lot during the piercing (typically). its just the excess blood under the skin.
maryannemurray 10 years ago
I've had mine for almost two years and it still bruises if I sleep with my face on my pillow. Don't worry about it, the truth is probably no one notices the bruising but you. Also, mine took forever to heal. I'd guess about a year.
I got mine a couple years ago.. but it was red for a few days, swollen for about a week, and sore for about a month, no bruising.
Getting my Monroe Piercing...
I had no problems and it healed pretty quickly. :-) I have seen a lot of 'em bruise.
elzbthgirl2 9 years ago
It looks like the bruising that you have is from the clamp?
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