yvonnepaigeness 7:50am, 28 December 2006
My favorite on boys is nose piercings

i think they are so attractive.
Hipnos 11 years ago
elated songs [deleted] 11 years ago
Nipple piercings are my favorite.
cluttered show [deleted] 11 years ago
a tiny silver nose piercing is soo intoxicating on a woman. mysterious, understated, but suggesting the possibility of more...

and when i see the nipple rings, they confirm everything i had hoped.
Anything done in moderation/taste. I am all for self-expression but there is a limit for what I find attractive vs too much.
hysterical cap [deleted] 11 years ago
I love tongue, nipple and some genital...
impossible branch [deleted] 11 years ago
I love tongue piercings. And, lip piercings too.
nostalgic day [deleted] 11 years ago
septum, madonna, snakebites and surfaces ;)
She ki nah 11 years ago
functional reason [deleted] 11 years ago
female nipple very hot !!!!!!!!!!!!
piercedshell 11 years ago
i think all my piercings are cool tongue, nose, ears nipple & personal 1 too
Kupcake_Killer 11 years ago
gelflingbaby 11 years ago
My favourite piercings out of the ones I have so far are my ears ^^ 7 in each xxx.
colossal fnord [deleted] 11 years ago
1. Outer Labia Piercings
2. Cheek piercings
3. Lip piercings (lower or upper)
4. Christina piercing.

Odd.. all of my favorite piercings I have or am getting in the future. xD
wickedone_2003 11 years ago
i love all pircing but if i had to chose one i'd say my nipples
brief tongue [deleted] 11 years ago
PA and Tongue.
quaint pizza [deleted] 11 years ago
On me? Bridge and medusa.

Something that would not look good on me, but I love? A horseshoe septum.
plant clam [deleted] 11 years ago
on me? i lke them all - nipples and PA & frenum
On a lady? Nipples and any vaginal piercing makes my heart race
.suh-lest. PRO 11 years ago
I dig the septum but now its super popular. And I also looveee bridge piercing.

The ones I absolutely dislike are medusa, monroe/madonna, venom/tongue, and cheek
counttwiggula 10 years ago
septum , monroe and vertical labret :] abosolutely love those
JoAn ! 10 years ago
el medusa , dos monroe y dos en el labio x)
steffpibln 10 years ago
auf alle Fälle intiem
Jana Veg 10 years ago
septum, earlobe, surface, corset piercing!
SelfishxRomance 10 years ago
I love monroe, vertical labret and tragus =)
wickedone_2003 10 years ago
i love nipple piercings on guy i think they are hot
pipoutrageous 10 years ago
i love any and all body modifications
i really love snakebites on men they're so attractive, i love to bite them.
for women i love nipple piercings and tongue the best.
h y s t e r i a 10 years ago
medusa :D
Saccharin Sweetheart 10 years ago
I like bridge :)
on girls: septum plus everything with lips
boys: snakebites!
but dont get me wrong! i'm straight! ;-)
sizziedaud 10 years ago
i love tounge and bridge piercing. yeah, on tits too. it's a beautiful masterpice you know (;
gainful throne [deleted] 10 years ago
oh my i looove collar bone surface piercings!! and of course some crazy corset piercings are irresistible.
onceuponarhyme 10 years ago
uhh, let's see:
any type of lip piercings (monroe, labret, snakebites)
nose rings or studs
gages, under quarter size
tongue rings
belly buttons

so yeah
(that's not ugly or way too much for one person)
Royal Dirty Clown 10 years ago
Septum on girls!
esmée[old account] 10 years ago
Any type of lip piercings.
(And moderate stretched earlobes)
arissa.vasconcelos 10 years ago
i like septum, nipples, rook and christina a looooooooooooooot!
jerribaby 10 years ago
cheeks<333 :]
lyssalust 10 years ago
Hi im new!!

Id say cheek.
and really big gauges on a boy!
gsbr.geo 10 years ago
I like nipple and PA's
Kuriosum 10 years ago
Toungue and nose bridge.. So sexy
defiant knee [deleted] 10 years ago
meine sind nippel beidseitig, zunge, nabel, und 3 intim, sowie am ohr. alle samt auf 5,0mm und mehr schon gedehnt.
cloistered van [deleted] 10 years ago
lol, I like just about all of them...helix, daith, tragus, anti-tragus, lobes, eyebrows, septum, bridge, nostrils, uvula, upper frenulum, vipers, standard tongue, horizontal tongue, diagnal tongue, cheecks, angel bites, angel kisses, snakebites, labret, vertical labret, medusa, hitler, monroe, clavical, inverted clavical, nape, throat, vertical sternum, diagnal chest, vertical nipples, horizontal nipples, diagnal nipples, hips, naval, horizonal navals, inverted naval, prince albert, vertical hood, frenum, labrum(?), laebulum(?)...not to mention all the incredible placements for dermal anchors and other surface piercing areas...
166120502 10 years ago
septum and nipples *-*
Andthesnakebites 9 years ago
Anything that can be bitten. O^^o.
negra des.atada 9 years ago
pocket or die!
mmdma 9 years ago
brawny pail [deleted] 9 years ago
Bridge and Lip
necromanik55 9 years ago
On a guy.....gauges. like not disgustingly gross, but like a decent size.
On a girl......septum and lip. I never understood why but they both catch my attention everytime.
necromanik55 9 years ago
like monroes on each side.
those are especially sexy, on any gender
substantial team [deleted] 9 years ago
Prince Albert and nipples.

If you would like to see mine just add me.
marked cobweb [deleted] 9 years ago
snakebites ( 2 piercings on the lips)
i'll do those myself, i already have one *_*
Rebecca seals_ 9 years ago
Monroe and setum.
Septum and smiley.
I miss my smiley ring =(
aloof jewel [deleted] 9 years ago
i like any piercing that suits the person whos pierced with it (:
but I do particularly like labret, cheeks and monroes. they are just so damn cool!
LuLu Witch PRO 9 years ago
I love Tongue piercings.

and I agree with Boiled_Frogs that I like piercings that suit the person that has them
tomasvegan 9 years ago
On myself, my nipples.
On others, tongue and lip.
chevyg1rl89 9 years ago
My personal favorites.... Tongue and hood
abiding key [deleted] 9 years ago
i love nostril & septum rings on boys so much.
on myself, i love my tongue ring.
living canvas [deleted] 9 years ago
Snakebites and I think cheek piercings are cute ^__^
2tDavinaphoto 9 years ago
septum,lip,nostril, mmmmmmmmmm
ltegirl 8 years ago
i really like all lip piercings and surface hip ones :)
TeApoT SeamStrEsS 8 years ago
ether lip, or sternum, they are personally my favourites :D
oreobaby2 8 years ago
I love tongue and belly button piercings
zealous grape [deleted] 7 years ago
Lovvvve septum, nose, and industrial.
Bio Hally 7 years ago
i love all my piercings really but i love my dimple (cheek) piercings the best :)
nostalgic substance [deleted] 7 years ago
pa, nips an lips .... that rhymes : )

here's my pa
fancy waves [deleted] 7 years ago
nips, lips, tounge, pa and hood : )
boundless rock [deleted] 6 years ago
i would say tongue and lip
duckman1942 5 years ago
have piercings through both my foreskin and my scrotum, love them all and like all genital piercings on both men and women..
mr_baloo_bare 5 years ago
All piercing types fascinate me.
That said, nipple piercings are favorite female or male.
And I love mine.
My p.a. is amazing as well, but my nips are more sensitive and fun to play with at any time.
hellohayleykitty 3 years ago
My favorite are dahlias. I miss mine so much.
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