Thompson Photography PRO 1:25pm, 12 August 2012
That's the message I've been seeing lately (on an otherwise black screen) when I try using certain PicMonkey features. Any reason for this? Most features are working fine, though. BTW, I'm using Chrome and connecting via vispillo.
ColleenM 6 years ago
Which features are you using when you see this?
Kroons Kollektion PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kroons Kollektion (member) 6 years ago
Thompson, I got this message too and I took the advise given in another thread and did this:

I think it sorted me out (knock wood), plus images go to the right folders again (have no idea if that was just a great coincidence or not :) )

good luck!
PaulO Classic. © PRO 6 years ago

Follow the link provided by and then do what they say - I actually had 3 versions of Flash all clashing with each-other - it definitely sorts it out.
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