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M.R.B Photo PRO 12:32pm, 1 June 2007
Some nice people have made an application that allows you to upload directly from Picasa 2 to Flickr at the press of a button. I tried it and it seems to work well.

Picasa2Flickr can be found at:


It seems to be Windows only at present but for someone like myself who uses Picasa to manage my photos, it's a great little app.
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EJ and MJ 11 years ago
I tried it after I read your post - installs fine, adds a little button for uploading to flickr - now if only I had any photos good enough to show off on flickr...
M.R.B Photo PRO 11 years ago
They look fine to me!!
EJ and MJ 11 years ago
Haha, thanks eikona - what I meant though was something to upload after I installed that little plugin. Now that I have tried to actually use it, I am not sure if it works right, or if I just am doing something wrong. It asks for permission from flickr to upload, no prob, then uploads, then when I go to my pictures, the photo isn't there... Good idea, but maybe still sort of in beta stage.
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
EJ and MJ > I actually wrote this little tool :),
So maybe I could help you to make it works.
Some users report issues during the authorization phase,
but none during the upload..

First of all, did you saw some "network activities" during the upload ?
M.R.B Photo PRO 11 years ago
Gaël, thanks for the tool it works well for me.

Is it possible to have some other resizing sizes? I like to use about 1200 pixels and the largest is 1024.
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
1200 and 1600 pixels added ... maybe I should add a free field :)
histman 11 years ago
This is working fine for me. Thanks!

However I installed it a couple of days ago before the latest version with the new resizing option.

To upgrade - do I install the new version on top of the old one?
M.R.B Photo PRO 11 years ago
Thanks a lot Gaël.
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
histman: there is no need to re-install the button
The installer only add (or patch) the picasa "buttons directory".

The resize part is in the java applet, and the applet is loaded from my web server when you click on the Send button.
histman 11 years ago
Thanks Gael for being so generous with your time.
Much appreciated.
mll PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mll (member) 11 years ago
I've been looking for this kind of tool for ages; thanks Gaël ! And thank you eikona for the info. :)
Illusions 11 years ago
Would love a Flex or .NET version. I don't like java apps.
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
I've tried to make a Flex version but I'm currently stuck on a sandbox / security violation issue. My Flex app can access the picasa image on one of my computer but not on the other .. and I can't find out why !
Illusions 11 years ago
Gaël, I asked a friend who had similar problems and here is what he said:

1. Flash only allows access to data in its own sandbox, usually by domain or host IP.
2. You can get around this by having a crossdomain policy file (crossdomain.xml) on the host you want to grab data from.
3. By default, Flash searches for this policy file on the target host's web server (port 80) root.
4. In Flex, you can load the policy file explicitly using Security.loadPolicyFile(uri). This works for xmlsocket connections too!

This is documented under "using sockets" in the Flash AS 3.0 help. Hope that helps the guy! "

Hope this helps. Drop me a line if you are able to fix it and get a flex version working. I'd love to help test it.
(**)xxSnowChildxx(**) 11 years ago
I'm usualy use Flickr Uploadr, can you plz exlain the difference.
I drop the photo from picasa to the uploadr, this isn't directly?
Illusions 11 years ago
Basically this adds an icon in picasa that pops up a uploader window (not the flickr uploader but a better integrated one).
It's mostly a matter of user experience.
I imagine one of the benefits is that the "corrected" photos get uploaded (with the flickr uploader you need to export your picasa photos first) - and also tags are transferred over as well.
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
[geek mode on]
I'm reading the picasa images using a socket on the localhost and I've fixed the "cross domain" issue, but the weird thing is that the same application runs well on one of my computer but raise a security error when I test it on another one (with the same flash version).
Thus I'm searching to find what is the security parameter or the difference between these two computers... I'm expecting a problem on the "localhost " name resolution ... I will investigate it next week-end :)
[geek mode off]
Thx for your help Illusions.. and any help from an AS3 expert is welcome ;)
Illusions 11 years ago
Alright - here is what he says:

"Don't use "localhost"
use the IP
i just had this exact same problem
flash won't do the resolution of localhost to IP for you"
Illusions 11 years ago
Hey Gaël, did the above thing help? Any luck with the flex version?
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
Hi Illusion... I have a major deadline at work :(
So I will work on it next weekend ... hope so ..
chimera's pics 11 years ago
Just wanted to say thank you to Gaël for creating the application and thanks to Eikona for posting about it. Just tried it out and it works great !
clever flower [deleted] 11 years ago
I agree!! Good job.
elgrande 11 years ago
Thanks Gael, this is a great solution, it works fine, and now i can save a lot of time!!!
mll PRO 11 years ago
Wishes wishes wishes

Hello ! Back with 3 wishes for Gaël :

1. A better forum than the official one would be nice: the SourceForge-provided forums are painful to use.

2. But most of all, could it be possible to keep working on Picasa while picasa2flickr is uploading? Sometimes I upload a bunch of pictures that take *hours*, and id' like to work on other pictures on Picasa.
mll PRO 11 years ago
Oh, and maybe:

3. offer to automagically see the uploaded pictures just like uploadr does
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
I will think about these features in the next weeks ...
I'm just coming back from vacation so I have many thing to do @work ;(
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
With the latest Picasa version (>2.6) you can install picasa2flickr using a simple URL. This "installer" also provide a dedicated icon for the picasa2flickr button.

If you have already installed the application you can remove it first, or you can simply use the link , Picasa will pop-up some kind of "buttons" manager where you can add/remove and reorder existing buttons !

Note: Flickr forum filters the picasa link, but you can find it here or you can simply copy & past the URL bellow into your browser:

mantras siva 11 years ago
i have this problem
what can i do ?
i'm running xp pro sp2 with last update

Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
You need to install a JVM for your IE browser ..
mantras siva 11 years ago
why i haven't ?
is easy to uninstall it
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
A fresh XP/IE install does not have a JVM (or maybe the bad M$ one)
Easy to uninstall ? ...... hum ... can't say what is easy ;)
.. but more than 90% of internet users got a java enabled browser.
mantras siva 11 years ago
can i download for firefox?
Gaël Chardon Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gaël Chardon (member) 11 years ago
Yes you can but it is not necessary, the picasa2flickr plugin is started by Picasa in a IE frame.
So you only need Java for IE, even if FF is your default browser.
lsabow 11 years ago
Can this upload the full image (not resized)?
jlbruno 11 years ago
yes, it can.

but the plugin broke with the latest Picasa update...very annoying (no fault of the plugin authors).

I do hope it gets fixed quickly though!
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
I'm working on It .. on my spare time (too many stuff at work, last week).

There are two ways:
1/ the hard way: patching picasa :(
2/ the "less" hard way :) .. find a workaround with a 100% javascript page

hope I will find some time this week to launch my debugger.

M.R.B Photo PRO 11 years ago
I have almost got Picasa2Flickr working under Linux.

I installed JRE 1.4.2 under Wine without a problem, 1.5 and 1.6 will not install as you say. I manually put the button file in the button folder then ran Picasa. The button was present and when I clicked on it a Wine message appeared saying that I needed to install Mozilla viewer (If I remember correctly).

When this had installed, the P2F window opened. It showed the image but gave some error messages. The first being that JRE 1.4 or later should be used and then that the version of Picasa would not work with P2F. I am running the latest version 37.29 under Wine but I have also tried it with the Linux 2.28 version and get the same message.
M.R.B Photo PRO 11 years ago
Well, another step forwards.

I realised that I had installed JRE 1.4.2 to the root user. Doh!!

Having installed it as myself, I ran Picasa 2.7 37.29 and all worked until the security message appeared. So it's nearly there.

It still won't work for the Picasa Linux version as this has it's own separate install of Wine and I can't see at the moment how to get java installed into it.

If the security issue with the latest 37.29 build can be fixed then it will work under Linux.
jlbruno 11 years ago
Hey Gaël,

how goes it?
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
@eikona: it's a good news for linux users (I'm one of those guys) ! Now I really have to fix this ActiveX issue

@bruno1378: I have only spend an hour on picasa during the last week,
and I've found the main AX calls from picasa to ieframe/urlmonitor dlls
Now I have to found how picasa change the default IE security policy.

But the main thing is to find some time after my work:(
jlbruno 11 years ago
Thanks in advance for whatever time you find!

You're little tool makes life so much easier!
anabellita 11 years ago
Thanks to Gaël for this fantastic plugin! Hope it can get fixed soon!
jlbruno 11 years ago
Uh Oh....Picasa is installing another update right now! Hope this doesn't set you back even further....
jlbruno 11 years ago
new error msg?

You need a Java-enabled browser running JDK 1.4.x or greater to view this applet. alt : Picasa2flickr.jar You need a Java-enabled browser running JDK 1.4.x or greater to view this applet. alt : Picasa2flickr.jar
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
hey hey .. I should upgrade my picasa to see their new "security policy"
Ghjiseppu 11 years ago
Hi !

first of all, thanks a lot for this great application !
I'd like to know if it's possible to do a global synchronization between my hardrive and my flickr account with Picasa. A synchronisation that we can interrupt and begin again later. And that create a set with the name of the folder in my hard drive... Flickrsync is always doing mistakes... I have a lot of folders with pictures to upload, and one by one It will take a very long time...

Many thanks for your help !

Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
Currently, if you check the MD5 and FILE check-boxes, your photos
will be uploaded with two extra machinetags that will be used to
handle the synchronisation. The first tag allows picasa2flickr to check
if a picture is already present on the flickr servers (MD5 tag) and the
second is used to restore the original filename from flickr servers.

I have already implemented a simple "skip existing picture" feature, but I have
disabled it due to an issue with the flickr api: sometime, and I don't
know why, the flickr servers return "There is no picture with
machinetags MD5=XXX" even if such tag is present !


jlbruno 11 years ago
Hey Gaël,

any luck w/ the new version of Picasa or is this more of a setback?

Does anyone know of any other plugins like this that allow posting directly from Picasa?
Al.R.To 11 years ago
I still have a problem with uploader.

I have a pop up saying "One or more ActivX controls could no be displayed because either:
1) your carent security settings prohibit running ActivX controls...
2) you have blocked publisher..."

What would you suggest to do?
I have latest IE, Picasa, and Java....

I can open that Java form directly with IE (I found URL somewhere else) but Picasa is unable to work with it...

anabellita 11 years ago
if read the thread thoroughly, and go to the picasa2flickr website, you'll see that the problem is, precisely, that you are using the latest picasa...
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
Some information ..
I did not found any "nice" way to fix this issue .. so I have two choices :

1/ continue my illegal reverse work on picasa and find a way to "patch" picasa
(I've found many good "entries", so I'm sure to find a patch, it's just a matter of time)

2/ implement a light local web server with a simple html+javascript
that implement the "blogger api"... This is a heavy solution, and I think it's overkill

Still thinking ...

anabellita 11 years ago
thanks for all your efforts :)

made your mind yet on what approach to pursue?
jlbruno 11 years ago
hi Gaël, still working on this or give up?
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
Still working on it, but just when I have time for it :)

Here it is the situation:
- I have found how picasa block java and other "activex" stuff
- I have traced the picasa calls to the IE security policy manager
- But I haven't found an easy way to patch picasa to avoid these calls

So I'm thinking of a backup plan using a simple http local server in pyhton.
This way, user have to install a small exe (python wrapper), and
should start this little server before using picasa (maybe a simple
cmd file in the same directory as picasa).
This is a more complex setup than the current one (a simple button
file), so I'm not sure about it.
mll PRO 11 years ago
Can't the button click start the local webserver ?
mezzography 11 years ago
Can't wait until all the bugs are worked out- I've been dreaming about something like this! haha
Gaël Chardon 11 years ago
Happy new year everybody !

I think that I've found a workaround, I will spend some time this week to rewrite the server side.
The idea is to use a magic/hack in picasa, see here.

Hope it will work, I will try to keep you informed in this thread (I may need some beta testers).

slingload 10 years ago
It's been three months since the last post here, and almost two months on the picasa2flickr message board regarding the status of picasa2flickr.

If Gael is around, can you comment on the current status?

Is there another program/plugin that can upload photos to Flickr directly from Picasa 2? I need something extremely simple that my mother can use.

I use Lightroom and am not up to date on the Picasa options, but haven't had much luck finding something via Google searches.
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
Sorry I was very very busy at work.
Currently I'm stuck because the magic picasa api requests that the final url have "picasa" in its name.

BUT .. today google have announced that:

I'm still quiet busy at work but I will take a look this night (paris time).

Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
After a brief look (hey boss, it was during my launch break)
I think that the "simplest" way to make a new picasa2flickr uploader is to launch a dedicated executable:

But there is two issues:
- we cannot export tags or descriptions (but we have filenames !)
- it may be a slow process if we activate the 'export' options
(it will copy the images to a temporary folder first)

Maybe flickr could simply update their flickr uploader :)

Is there a flickr team member here ?

slingload 10 years ago
Thanks for the update Gael. I really appreciate the hard work you have put into the uploader.
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
In fact the flickr uploadr already accepts files from the command line,
so we can made a very simple picasa2flickr v2 !!!

You only need to install flickr uploadr (v3 or newer)
See here: picasa2flickr.sourceforge.net/install_v2.html

Hope it works.

chimera's pics 10 years ago
brilliant ! I used the uploadr 2.5 (running Windows 2000) and it works just fine. Merci Gaël !
pherbig 10 years ago
I've been using the v2 tool as well for the past week or so. It seems to work just fine, though I have to remember to check my preferences for upload size.

Thanks, Gael, for the update!
jlbruno 10 years ago
awesome awesome awesome. thanks Gael.

The nice thing about Picasa where you can make changes but it doesn't affect the source file always meant it was a pain to upload to flickr.

thanks for getting us a working solution again!!!
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
Thx for your comments.

Flickr has just released its uploadr source code (see here code.flickr.com/blog/) !!

So it's now possible to add some extra features such as the /clean option that empty the queue first.

I will take a look to it in .. two weeks :)
Currently I'm on vacation in Seoul, so I will definitively use picasa and flickr but not for coding :)
anabellita 10 years ago
thanks for everything! I tried the new button, and it works great!... shame I can't say the same thing about the flickr uploadr.. :(
After running into numerous problems, I decided to upgrade to flickr uploadr 3.1, but now I can't send from picasa to flickr anymore! I hate cramming up your to-do list, but if there is indeed something you can do rather easily... being able to edit and manage in picasa and then send straight to flickr is really a bonus!

anabellita 10 years ago
ok, figured out what the problem is.. the photos.json file.. I have to delete it each and every time I send a new batch of photos from picasa to flickr... is there some setting I got wrong?
bromo 10 years ago
With Apple TV now syncing to Flickr (odd considering Apple's longstanding relationships with Google), I thought for sure someone would have figured out how to bring Picasa fotos to Flickr but there seems to be no solution. Does anyone know anytning about this? Is there a simple hack to bring Picasa photos to Flickr?

Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
I have released a "new version" of the picasa2flickr button.

This version add a new (undocumented) parameter that enables the video export (currently only a snapshot were exported).

Note 1: this version does not replace the previous one, it's up to you to decide if you want the version with video export or not.
Note 2: the video export is only available with the beta version of the flickr uploadr, see here.

Best regards.
mll PRO 10 years ago
Very cool, thanks !
anabellita 10 years ago
that's great! thanks!!! I'll certainly try it.

does this version also require going through the flickr uploadr? that software is soooo clunky, and keeps stalling on me! It would be great if there were a way to straight from picasa top flickr....
Vassilevsky 10 years ago
Man it's so funny... both Picasa and Flickr have public APIs, but they don't work together :) Now we have to wait until either Picasa adds a "Send to Flickr" button that uses Flickr API, or Flickr adds an "Upload from Picasa" button using Picasa API. What do you think, who will be the first? Maybe we should mass-mail to support?
Edna Barney PRO 10 years ago
Forget It! Picasa2 is owned by Google. Flickr is owned by Yahoo. That is most unfortunate for people like me who love them both. Never the twain shall meet, until something changes with their business relationship.

Why Google did not purchase Flickr when they had the opportunity is also unfortunate. Instead they opted to created Picasa Web Albums, but then they never really put much development into that photo storage site to make it a competitor to Flickr .
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
A short message to let you know that the "picasa2flickr" button seems to be broken under Picasa 3

I'm investigating ... let me know if it works on your computer.

Senor Velasco PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for looking into this--I love Picasa2Flickr!
Gaël Chardon Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Gaël Chardon (member) 10 years ago
Ok I have found where is the problem ..
The "export=1" option seems to be broken !
This option request picasa to export a "saved" version
See code.google.com/apis/picasa/docs/button_api.html#exporting

I will try to find a workaround (we could simply remove the option but ..)
chimera's pics 10 years ago
thanks for looking into it, I know I can go back to emailing pics from Picasa to Flickr, but your button is so much more practical !
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
A simple workaround is to remove the export option until Google fixes this bug.
To install this workaround button you can simply copy/past the following URL:

The "updating" process is still bugged, Picasa seems to ignore the button version, so you have to manually disable the old button using the Tools / Configure Buttons menu.

Remember, this button exports the source image but the original image is not modified until you explicitly save the image.
Senor Velasco PRO 10 years ago
Thank you for the workaround! Awesome.
Thanks for the work around. This was driving me nuts trying to figure out why my button was not working
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
Ooops I've just updated the pbz file .. the previous one was packed with a directory :( My fault .. (thx david)
kstashuk 10 years ago
How can I actually remove/delete the button? When I used the new URL above I ended up with two buttons (one with an icon and one without). I can remove it from displaying, but it is still in the button manager.

How can I completely remove a button from the manager?
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
Button files are located in:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\buttons
where USERNAME is your windows login.

You may manually delete the previous file named picasa2flickr_install_v3.pbz , vs picasa2flickr_install_v3b.pbz for the new one.
jlbruno 10 years ago
This doesn't do the photo with the changes, tho, right?

I don't want to upgrade Picasa until you get a chance to get this working :-)
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
In fact you have to click on "save to disk" before uploading, or your photos will be uploaded without the changes.

"save to disk" backup your original photos in a special directory, so you can still use the "undo" function but it's slower.

But I hope that Google will fix this issue.
jlbruno 10 years ago
Ah ok that's good to know Gaël, thanks!
Ben © 10 years ago
Does this feature save any time ?
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
Picasa 3 update
Latest version (3.0.0 build 57.24,0) is now working well without any workaround, so you can simply install the "regular" picasa2flickr button to use it with Picasa 3.
rakerman PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by rakerman (member) 10 years ago
The button is awesome, but using Picasa 3.0.0 build 57.24,0 it doesn't seem to upload video (.mp4) - the Flickr Uploadr window comes up, but the video isn't in it. Photos work fine.

UPDATE: Ah, I see that only Uploadr beta 3.1 supports video upload - is there any way to tell picasa2flickr which version of Uploadr to use? (I have both 3.0 and 3.1beta on my system.)
Gaël Chardon 10 years ago
picasa2flickr uses a registry key to find the uploadr path:
This key should contain the path to your flickr uploadr, so you may manually change it.
Richard Skoonberg PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Richard Skoonberg (member) 10 years ago
I am using the Picasa 3 beta and the upload to Flickr 2 button and it works great. Thank you, thank you!
Rock Elita 10 years ago
Ditto...I couldn't get the Flickr button to work on my Picasa 2, but when I loaded Picasa 3 it works without a problem so far. Go figure...but it makes me very happy.
jlbruno 10 years ago
so, you still need to do the 'save the disk' first, right?
Gaël Chardon Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Gaël Chardon (member) 10 years ago
no longer needed, the last picasa update fixes this bug

So I have renabled this feature thus uou can use the regular picasa2flickr button
micasuh 10 years ago
I find that this newest version of Picasa 3 doesn't allow the Picasa to Flickr button to work. I've been clicking and clicking and nothing comes up. Is it now dead again?
Gaël Chardon Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Gaël Chardon (member) 10 years ago
Hum ... I've just updated my picasa to the latest version: 3.0.0 build 57.52.0
And the picasa2flickr button v3 (and the old v3b workaround) seems to work.

What is your picasa version ?
And what is your button version
(name of pbz file in C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\buttons)
micasuh 10 years ago
I have the latest version of Picasa as well and my button version is picasa2flickr_install_v3-2.pbz.

Maybe I don't know how this button is supposed to work exactly? I press the button thinking that something will immediately pop up but nothing. All I see on the right side is a dialogue stating that it's preparing to upload the photos to Uploadr.

Maybe it takes a while when I don't have anything specific highlighted and so it's trying to upload everything?

Also, since I take my photos in a very high resolution, does this button have a way to resize these photos esp. for flickr?
dmrowley Posted 10 years ago. Edited by dmrowley (member) 10 years ago
Do you have the Flickr Uploadr installed too....???


If you do, maybe a reinstall of the uploader will help?
micasuh 10 years ago
Oh, I have to actually install uploadr to use this button? Nowhere on this page does it even say that.

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