Wow and Flutter 12:54am, 22 January 2007
I've been experimenting with the use of Picasa as an Ortonizing tool. You can use the same process to create pretty good fauz HDR images as well.
My guess is there are others that do this differently using a variety of other post-processing but I find Picasa to be more easy and more fun.
Here is a link to my quick screen-shot tutorial if you are interested.
Here is the link to my Ortonized slideshow
taylorkoa22 10 years ago
Thanks Rocket will try that - looks good
mags. 10 years ago
genius. ive discovered a whole new level of fun, haha! thanks so much.
sscornelius 10 years ago
Interesting. I created this using the tutorial.

Winter collage
sscornelius 10 years ago
I've been playing around some more with this in Picasa and created this little view from the Sears Tower in Chicago from 2004. The only change from the tutorial is that I ramped up the saturation to make Lake Michigan even more blue.

Chicago skyline
Wow and Flutter 10 years ago
I think this one turned out very nice with the saturation of color to give a radiating effect.
CORDAN 9 years ago
Thank you!
aremac PRO 9 years ago
This is my try - although I have always worked with Picasa, I never used the layer combination this way - thanks for explanation!

Light up my room

great. While processing the pictures I've think about how to generate three picts with different exposure with Picasa in order to process them with a *real* HDR software as photomatix.

I'm thinkin' in people with cameras without bracketing function.


thanks again.
Wow and Flutter 9 years ago
juliusoloc; I have done this but the results are not as I would like. Once in a while I get lucky and it turns out well.
One other thing I'm doing is using Paint Shop Pro's Clarify filter process to provide a more dynamic image. This is outside the scope of Picasa of course but it comes very close to HDR.

This image was rendered this way:

Loosing My Religion
broken_puzzle PRO 9 years ago
Hey, thanks! I've been having lots of fun experimenting with this :)
macspite 9 years ago
"collage" by macspite

Just tried a very quick ortonisation on this image which just happens to be a hotel room close to Orton in Cumbria, Uk.
Edna Barney PRO 9 years ago
I used the tutorial on this one:
Gunston Hall
kallo39 9 years ago
This was my first picture using your tutorial. Thank you for mapping it out so clearly. I enjoyed learning this new technique.
Bailey Orton
Jeff Fennell 9 years ago
Rocket ~ Great technique. Thanks!

Ortonized Shellburg Falls
First attempt at Ortonizing
Trucker....Steve 9 years ago
My first try............thanks!

empTV 9 years ago
is this the result we all expecting?...picasa is my fav toy right now..

groupie assembly point
macspite 9 years ago
"Hayling Island beach defences ortonised" by macspite
Hayling Island beach defences ortonised

Works nicely in black and white - in my opinion at least!
Erin Branham Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Erin Branham (member) 9 years ago
Thank you so much for the tutorial! I just got Photoshop, and I'll have to say I still love Picasa and will continue to use it. It's so easy and uncomplicated. Here's an image I created using the Orton tutorial.

Solitary Strength
Amir.S. 9 years ago
Thanks for sharing with us this technique.
Here is what I got:

Last winter [best viewed large]
stephotographs 9 years ago
Thanks for the how-to - Here's my first attempt.

jessica potter photography [deleted] 9 years ago
This Was Very interesting! thanks! Heres my Try!!!

saralonde PRO 9 years ago
Had to try this, too.
"Orton Effect" using Picasa
Wow and Flutter 9 years ago
Everyone here is creating some fantastic images. Thanks to Picasa!
Alicia-Lee-07 9 years ago
Thank you for the tip. I tried four of my photos and like the one with more color layers from near to far:

A Dream Home
Groups Beta