RichLegg 3:47pm, 28 January 2009
Studio Photography Photowalk - Behind the Scenes

The plans have been finalized for the February Photowalking Utah events and they are going to be great. We will be having two separate but related events. The theme is "Studio Lighting" and since it tends to be a bit cold this time of year in Northern Utah, both will be indoors.

FEBRUARY 19th - Mini Clinic

On the evening of Thursday February 19th, I will be facilitating a mini-clinic at the City Library in Salt Lake City. The theme of the clinic is "How to Get Great Studio Lighting Results for Under $250". In the session, I will be demonstrating how to shoot portraits with extremely inexpensive (cheap?) lights and get professional results. I will be using a model and shooting with a tethered camera so everyone can immediately see the results. Handouts of all the lighting setups will be provided. If time permits, I will also demonstrate with the help of Harley Pebley a "Strobist" style setup using a couple of Speedlights on stands with umbrellas.

Date: Thursday February 19th
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Location: Salt Lake City Main Library - 210 E 400 South Conference room 4, 4th floor
Cost: Free

FEBRUARY 21st - Studio Lighting Photowalk

In a repeat of last year's most popular Photowalking Utah event, we will again be doing an indoor "Studio Lighting" photowalk. The event will feature six different studios set up within a large conference room. Participants will be able to walk to each setup photography station and try their hand at shooting. Models will be provided along with assistance from the host photographer at each station.

This year we will be working to create a variation in the type of lighting setups provided. This will give the participants a way to work with a large variation of portrait lighting arrangements.

I have arranged with several of my stock models to help us out. Just like the previous event, we are suggesting a $3-5 "tip" given that will be put in a pool and divided up among the models after the event. This is purely optional but it really helps to have dedicated models available for the photographers to shoot and this is a great way to compensate them for their time. I've got a pretty diverse group confirmed so far including different ages / genders / looks.

For those photographers that aren't carrying around digital SLR's, don't worry. We will have a way to synch point-and-shoot cameras via slave to at least a couple of the setups. Everyone is welcome at these events regardless of skill or equipment. There will even be some higher end gear available to borrow.

Our friends at Pictureline have again donated a bunch of photography 'swag' to be used for door prizes at the "Pictureline Prize Table".

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday February 21st
Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Gateway Community Church, 584 E 12300 South - Draper
Cost: Free (though a suggested model tip of $3-5 is appreciated)

For any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 801.259.3500.

UPDATE: Here are the models:
travis012 10 years ago
I will for sure be there. I was so mad I missed this last year due to intimidation.
Aaron Barker Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Aaron Barker (member) 10 years ago
Should be to both. This was a great event last year that got be into studio lighting. I am exited to be able to go to a new level coming in with a bit more knowledge this time.

If I can suggest a topic for either the clinic or the big day: a little howto on using light meters. I borrowed one from a friend one day but had no clue what to do with it.
MeloYelo 10 years ago
I am planning on going to both of the events. Lighting is definitely something I REALLY want to work on.

Thanks for all that you do in organizing these!
zonked insurance [deleted] 10 years ago
I'll be there!
Brady Withers PRO 10 years ago
I will be going to both events, thank you for putting these together!
JeremyHall Posted 10 years ago. Edited by JeremyHall (admin) 10 years ago
Just checked my schedule and realized I am not going to be here for the Saturday session. Bummer! I'll try to make the Thursday one to make up for it!
Gonna try to make both.. Saturday's for sure!
I'm stoked! :)
Ed Paz PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ed Paz (member) 10 years ago
Need, sounds fun
msgoates 10 years ago
I plan on attending both sessions and will bring my husband to one and my dad to the other! I love this group - so m uch fun!
Quasiphoto 10 years ago
Count me in.......can't miss this one! It will be great! 2 wonderful events of learning!!!! Yippppeeeeee!!!
andreakphotos 10 years ago
I am planning on both. Sounds great!
\\Flash Jorgensen// 10 years ago
I will be there, for both events!
Ratish Naroor 10 years ago
I eill be there for both of the events . Sounds exciting ..
ryan r shaw PRO 10 years ago
I'm planning on attending both.
Count me in for both.... YEEEE HAAAAA .... I cant wait.
I wish I could go to both but I will still be at WPPI on Thursday. I will be there on Saturday though. Thank You for organizing this!
fumbling calculator [deleted] 10 years ago
I will be at both for sure
Curren Photography 10 years ago
My husband & I are going to try and come to both. I think our schedules might work this month!
JCE_Photography 10 years ago
I will be there for the saturday, but have to work on thursday.
Dornoff Photography 10 years ago
I will try to make it for Thursday but I probably will not be able to make it for the Saturday session.
chellesebunker 10 years ago
I will try to attend both events. Thank you so much for organizing these. The last Photowalking event I attended was at InStudio with Kenneth Linge and I really enjoyed everything about it.
pandachips 10 years ago
Yes, I would like to be there too, but am currently a maybe. But I'm trying very hard to turn that maybe into a yes, for both dates in Feb.!
fohtoh 10 years ago
Hope to make both.
cindireneephoto 10 years ago
I've marked my calendar for both...excitied to attend for the first time!
authalic 10 years ago
I'm planning on making it to both.
ZignotZag 10 years ago
Planning on both - definate on Sat.
Eric Hamilton 10 years ago
The Saturday event is the same day as the Feb. Utah Creative Freelancers meeting at the SLC Public Library.


Shahar on Social Media and Internet Marketing
Jenn - Talking about advertising options for creatives
holicow_ 10 years ago
I'd like to try make it to both.
kd7mvk 10 years ago
Count me in I think this will be great and look forward to both events
raspberrytart PRO 10 years ago
Sam and I are planning on being at both events.
crzyshutterb 10 years ago
I am going to try to make both of these events....
jjohnsen 10 years ago
Ahhh, I'll be out of town for both of them. Too bad, it sounds great.
Shaun Nelson PRO 10 years ago
I'll be at both the photowalk and the mini clinic. Portrait lighting is something I need to learn.
DarrenMower 10 years ago
I am planning on attending on Saturday the 21st. My wife (KarenMower)is also. We are new to this photowalking site. Both of us are iStockphoto contributors.
karenmphotos 10 years ago
I am planning to attend the Saturday session for sure. I going to try and make the 19th mini class. so count me as a possible for that one.
Lucid77 10 years ago
I will be attending both. I will have my Budding photographer with me.
Jeff McGrath 10 years ago
Planning on being there. (Both)
Milner88 10 years ago
New guy planning to come! I have been out of the studio way too long!
bryce.barton 10 years ago
Im going to try to make it to both.
CoreyLuke 10 years ago
New to the group. I'd love to come but I'm unsure of what to expect. Bring my gear? All of it, or just a body and lens? I love the idea of this group though!
anntorrence 10 years ago

Volunteeers are supplying the lights and backdrops. Body w/a hot shoe and a lens or two will be plenty for this event, but that won't prevent others from bringing the kitchen sink. The space will be crowded, so bring what you feel comfortable handling around 75 of your new friends. Also, people are cool about letting others try out lenses and stuff.

We'll see you there.
SnJ Clan 10 years ago
I'll be at both
Dornoff Photography 10 years ago
Looks like I might be able to make it to both (cross the fingers).
lesliel0784 10 years ago
I'll be coming to the one on the 21st. It's my first one and I'm so excited that this is available, I've heard great things about the group! :)
brettneilson 10 years ago
I thought I was going to be gone but at this point it looks like I will be able to attend the 21st. Thanks for putting this on!
scottwolf64 10 years ago
I plan on being at both the events although the 21st is not definite.
KellyB. 10 years ago
I'm looking forward to attending the Saturday event.
Jessica of Bliss Media 10 years ago
I am actually going to try and make both as well. Although we are having our Open Studio event that evening, I am hopefull that I can still attend the Thur and maybe first bit of Saturday event.
hallowed board [deleted] 10 years ago
Count me in.
CaTE Photography 10 years ago
Looking forward to the Thursday night !
dav.d PRO 10 years ago
I should be to both events. Woo hoo!
lang.brittney 10 years ago
I will be there for the Saturday one. First time, I am a virgin to these photwalking events but I am excited. See you on the 21st. ~Always & Forever~
stevekinslow 10 years ago
i got this date SAVED!
Matt Freestone 10 years ago
Planning on Saturday. Maybe Thursday as well.
james tegeler 10 years ago
I will be going to both events, thank you for putting these together!
cverde3 10 years ago
Me plus two, this is just what I need.
aneyra 10 years ago
Will be there.
polywogy69 10 years ago
My Wife & I will be there on Thursday. Looking forward to it.
elizabethfoote 10 years ago
Wow! Going to be quite the turn out. Should be a blast1 I'm definitely planning on Saturday, still working out the details for Thursday.
john.freeman 10 years ago
I will probably be there for Thursday but not sure about Saturday yet!
pmalan 10 years ago
I'll be there Saturday. Looking forward to it!
I plan on being there on Saturday but probably can't make it on Thursday.
RhettOlson 10 years ago
I plan on attending the Saturday event.
gridskipper007 10 years ago
I plan on attending both the Thursday and the Saturday sessions.
runningbean 10 years ago
My wife and I plan on attending both events, can't wait this will be our first event, i'm very excited.
Milner88 10 years ago
Is everything still a go for the library on Thursday?
RichLegg 10 years ago
"Is everything still a go for the library on Thursday?"

Yup! Unless someone knows something I don't :) See you all there!
Brady Withers PRO 10 years ago
Just in case you are keeping numbers, I will now not be attending Thursday, but will be Saturday. Thanks again :)
hynpoloboy PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by hynpoloboy (member) 10 years ago
I'll be there Saturday!
barrington images 10 years ago
I will attend Saturday and bring a friend. We are excited.
selesiana Posted 9 years ago. Edited by selesiana (member) 9 years ago
I'll be able to make it to the second half of the mini clinic and hopefully to the Saturday event though I'm somewhat vehicle-impaired! Would anyone from the downtown/university area be willing to share a ride down to Draper?
johnmootz 9 years ago
I'm planning on being at both...

I'm in Murray if anyone wants to car pool on Saturday.
See you tomorrow. +1.5
Milner88 9 years ago
I was wonder if anybody that is coming to either walk has a Canon 24-70? I think mine has bounced around around a little too much and is not as sharp as it used to be. I would be grateful if I could snap a few shots with another copy to compare to mine.
ut.will 9 years ago
Planning to be at there on Saturday. My first photowalk. Looking forward to it!
dterryphotography 9 years ago
@Milner88 I'll be there and will definitely have the Canon 24-70 with me.
elliselkins 9 years ago
Coming with two others for Thursday. Not sure what the Saturday count is yet though. We're all excited
Lynn Peaslee 9 years ago
I will be there Thursday and possibly on Saturday.
Milner88 9 years ago
Thanks DTerry! Just want to make sure I am not crazy before I send it in.
acemaster1 9 years ago
Thanks. I'm new to the group and plan to attend on Saturday.
wendycarter_01 9 years ago
I am going to try to make both. will be to Saturday for sure :)
trapane 9 years ago
I would love to come to BOTH events!
hpebley3 9 years ago
LadyPebbles and I will be at Charlie Chow's across the street from the library on 4th South at 5pm for dinner. Anyone is welcome to join us if you want.
calanan Posted 9 years ago. Edited by calanan (member) 9 years ago
I'm in for both!

Do you need another Strobist style setup? I have a Nikon SB-600 and SB-800, brollys, barndoors, DIY grid.
Sam Scholes PRO 9 years ago
See you tonight!
riley1953 9 years ago
I will be there
jeszerszen 9 years ago
I plan on attending both.
timwen569 9 years ago
I just found this group and would like to attend these two events. Thanks.
This sounds like a really cool thing I hope i can go.
lukeisley 9 years ago
Tonights event was great. Nice job!!!
CoreyLuke 9 years ago
Thank you to all who made the clinic possible. I appreciate your efforts!
Tamra H 9 years ago
Wish I could have made the one yesterday. My daughter and I will be there tomorrow though.
disgusted trend [deleted] 9 years ago
Count me in tomorrow! This is going to be a lot of fun
deadpan giraffe [deleted] 9 years ago
Count me in for Saturday.
chburk13 9 years ago
New to the group - looking forward to joining the photowalk.
I'll be there tomorrow (Saturday).
Dornoff Photography 9 years ago
Sadly I missed last night's event because of work and will also miss tomorrow's for the same reason and this is the one I have been waiting for all year. Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang.
Myself and a friend will be there today
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