Scott O. Smith -1 3:26pm, 15 October 2008
The November photowalk will be held at the Antelope Island State Park in Syracuse Utah November 1st. Antelope Island is home to one of the largest and oldest publicly owned bison herds in the United States. The Bison will be corralled into pens starting Oct 22nd and then will receive their health checkups starting October 31st.

Bison Grazing

The photowalk will be held at the Buffalo Pens where the rangers will be giving the bison their health checks. This is a great opportunity to get up close to the Bison and hopefully get some great photos. We can then proceed to Garr Ranch when we are finished at the pens.

Dress accordingly and bring plenty of food and water.

Here are the details for the November 1st event:

Meet in the parking lot west of the entrance gate in Syracuse. There is an entrance fee to the park $9/per car, we can break up into groups and share rides for those interested.

9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Antelope Island
State Park
4528 West 1700 South
Syracuse, UT 84075

Map from Salt Lake to Syracuse.

Park Entrance Fee: $9.00 per vehicle.

As always, these events are open to photographers of ANY SKILL LEVEL. We have everyone from first time shooters to seasoned professionals join in. If you've ever wanted a chance to hang out with some friendly photogs, this is the chance to do it.

Please post a comment if your planning to attend. I may be able to get discount pricing into the park if we have a large group.
JeremyHall 10 years ago
I will be there, possibly with family along to enjoy the event as well. This is going to be a fun one!
RichLegg 10 years ago
Sounds great. Posted on
jjohnsen 10 years ago
I plan on bringing my family to this one.
Lucid77 10 years ago
Darn same day as my code camp won't be able to make it. :)
Ed Paz PRO 10 years ago
i will be there, Carpool anyone,? My explorer can accommodate 5 people plus equipment. Lehi (utah county) to Antelope island
BWJones PRO 10 years ago
I'll be there, no doubt.
I think I'll be able to make this one... Woo Hoo !!!
kittygutz PRO 10 years ago
I'm going to plan on it!
Dornoff Photography 10 years ago
I requested the day off so I can make it.
jessica.c.ure Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jessica.c.ure (member) 10 years ago
I'll be there for sure! I haven't been to this since I was a little kid.

Update (10-30-08): I can't make this after all. I'm working that morning - boo! But you guys have fun!
ParkerPixels 10 years ago
Planning on coming. Not much will keep me away.
stager57 10 years ago
I plan to be there.
ZignotZag 10 years ago
First time - I should make it!
malandro95 10 years ago
I'd love to be there.... unfortunately, I'm already commited to drive some Boy Scouts to a Pow Wow in Provo.
cinnabon1 PRO 10 years ago
I'd love to go - finally an event that may fit into my crazy work schedule! Does 9:30 - 12:00 mean we are basically done at 12:00 - or is that when we head over to the ranch? Just wondering because 2 1/2 hours doesn't seem like very long, and when you say bring food & water... I work at 1:00 on Sat., although I may be able to go in a little later. This would be my first Photowalk event - looks like fun!
Scott O. Smith -1 10 years ago
This photowalk will be a little unique as there is plenty to keep people occupied on the Island most of the day. I chose the time to give people a feel for what to expect if they had other plans that day. We will probably be with the Bison for a couple of hours then those of us that want to head over to the ranch will go around noon. Feel free to give me a call when your off work and I can let you know where we are. 801.540.3947.
We are pretty laid back with no set schedule, glad to have you join us on your first photowalk.
asahibush 10 years ago
I'm looking forward to joining your Photowalk around Antelope Island. I'm most interested in meeting other photonuts.

See you all on the 1st.

Richard Bush (aka
elizabethfoote 10 years ago
YAY! I can go. I'm so excited I can't stand it! I've been going into PhotoWalk withdrawals
Dornoff Photography 10 years ago
I for sure have the day off so I will be making this one.
jeszerszen 10 years ago
I'll be there.
rightful horse [deleted] 10 years ago
Planning on attending
I plan on being there.
MarkNix 10 years ago
I just followed a link to this page from a friend. I joined and I will be on the island to participate in this event! This sounds like great fun.
ScottJarvie 10 years ago
I'm looking at the wedding I have to do in Elko Nevada that day... I'm thinking I might be able to do both, but not stay for long.

Anyone want to go the Island EARLY morning? Sunrise-ish?

You can stay with the group when i leave at like 10:30am
I can even carpool and I'm sure someone will get you a ride back if needed.

Sunrise that day is 7:58am by the way, last day before daylight savings ends
john.freeman 10 years ago
I plan on being there and bringing some family with me to see the sites!
First Timer - I would love to come...if I can get going before 9:00. I will most likely have my little girls with me.
tomkellyphoto PRO 10 years ago
My wife Carole and I are planning to attend along with our grandson Zachary, which is a full load in our orange Jeep Wrangler.
hpebley3 10 years ago
Diane and I are planning on being there. Have room for two to carpool from the south end of SLC valley if anyone's interested.
Scott O. Smith -1 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Scott O. Smith -1 (member) 10 years ago
Thanks for the replies, it's looking like we have a good group. I called and tried to get discount pricing based on our large group and was denied.

The head park ranger is the only one that can make that approval and it's only under special circumstances (at least that's what I was told).

See you all there!
elegant cherries [deleted] 10 years ago
I plan to attend. I'll have room for 3-4 others in my vehicle if anyone wants to carpool...
Gregdc 10 years ago
If we have time we need to go to the ranch on the island there are a great number of things to shoot there
calanan 10 years ago
I plan on going but my wife, Renee is currently a maybe.

FYI, I just blogged this:

(HT to Harley for reminding me via his blogpost)

- mike
Will be there as well
dterryphotography 10 years ago
Okay, it's confirmed... I'm coming with my daughter Cassie (she'll be photowalking too) and because my oldest daughter will be working, we're bringing her kids (ahem, that makes them my grand kids!). Should be fun! :)
elizabethfoote 10 years ago
Ugh! My nephew's getting baptized that morning. Jim and I will be up there later in the day, but will likely miss seeing most of you.
DianaLBrks PRO 10 years ago
I'll be there, looking forward to getting to know some of you.
ScottJarvie 10 years ago
So looks like I'll be leaving almost the time people start showing up.
Anyone else planning on getting there for SUNRISE?
Ed Paz PRO 10 years ago
I will be there, I need check things out in Roy. So will see you guys there
dterryphotography 10 years ago
@ScottJarvie ... why so soon? I thought you were a late-to-bed late-to-rise kinda guy?
ScottJarvie 10 years ago
I am!
But... i gotta be in Elko by 2:30pm
jeszerszen 10 years ago
I will be there late, and I'm dragging some family with me.
kittygutz PRO 10 years ago
Sorry folks! I had planned on attending & woke up with a yucky cold. :( I will most certainly try to make the the next one.
mountainmama0108 10 years ago
I might show up 10:30ish w/my family in tow, if I can get their candy-saturated butts out of the house.
calanan 10 years ago
Hey, y'all I just made a short video using clips I took with the Nikon D90, it's nothing stellar though an interesting example of video from a digital SLR

Antelope Island Bison Roundup with Photowalking Utah by calanan
Dr Claw's keeper 10 years ago
Mike, I love the part where the kid yells aaahhhh! at the buffalo. He did that to each one as it came out of the pen.
calanan 10 years ago
That kid had a great "kiiiiyaaaahhhhh" yell!
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