RichLegg 2:43am, 25 May 2008
The next Photowalking Utah event is photographing the Great Salt Lake at dusk. Here are the details:

When: Saturday June 21st, 6:00 pm until Sunset

Where: The South shore of the Great Salt Lake. We will meet at the gate just West of Saltair (map link to follow).

What: Sunset scenery and portraits at the Great Salt Lake.

I'm happy to say that accomplished GSL photographer Charles Uibel has offered to be our guide for the event. Charles has an impressive body of work. You can view his website at and his flickr stream at

For the event, the following items are highly recommended:

- Insect repellent
- Shoes that can get wet (rubber boots anyone?)
- Tripod
- Oh, and a camera :)

We will be taking a short walk to get to the lake. The walk will be through an area that has several 'marshy' spots. I'm giving notice here because I'd hate someone to be surprised by this.

Here are a couple of portraits I took earlier this month at the location we're going to be going to.

Mother and Daughter

Salt Lake Bride

Feel free to contact me at rich(at) with any questions. This will be a fun event. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

jeszerszen 10 years ago
If you'd like to have a model for this shoot, I'd be happy to see if my brother would be interested. He's done quite a bit of modeling.
dterryphotography 10 years ago
I like your bridal image above... what do you think of bringing along a model in a wedding dress? (she's not a model, she's not even engaged, but she has access to a wedding dress and is willing to wear it)
RichLegg Posted 10 years ago. Edited by RichLegg (admin) 10 years ago

I was actually thinking of doing this. If you have one that'll do it, why don't we give it a go?

I can also bring along my battery powered tungsten lights that I used on the example image of Brittanie in the wedding dress.

dterryphotography 10 years ago
Some pictures from last week's engagement shoot at the GSL:
dterryphotography 10 years ago
Okay! Heidi has agreed to come. She can bring the wedding dress that she has access to ... or a smokin' hot red dress that she has.

Anyone have one of those portable changing room things? I happen to want both! :-)
Joachim Guanzon 10 years ago
can't promise anything... but I really want to make it this time.
calanan 10 years ago
I plan on attending this one!
stager57 10 years ago
This sounds like a great event. I like all of the photos that I have seen taken here.
RichLegg 10 years ago
damp arch [deleted] 10 years ago
I'll be there unless something crazy happens.
KellyB. 10 years ago
Dang it, dang it, dang it. I can't come, but I would highly recommend to everyone to make it if you can!
I am SOOOOO there. Wanted to do GSL for a while... Woooo Hoooo
MeloYelo 10 years ago
I will be there! Can't wait!
jacomstephens 10 years ago
Definitely interested. Count me in! Another simple and very portible lighting solution is a Speedlight with umbrella and Pocket Wizard trigger. I'll be bringing mine.
s.myler 10 years ago
I'm there! This should be a lot of fun!
damp arch [deleted] 10 years ago
Well count me out the AF killed my good times again!
ladyhawker 10 years ago
Dang it! Wish I could go, but I'm booked that day. I keep trying to make it to a photowalk, but so far every attempt has been a bust. I will keep watching and shoot for July. I've really been wanting to shoot at the GSL, too. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
jeszerszen 10 years ago
Count me in. I may be bringing a friend with me too.
FishChick 10 years ago
My husband and I may be coming and might bring someone too. I am trying to talk him into it.
authalic Posted 10 years ago. Edited by authalic (member) 10 years ago
If anybody is looking for something to do before the Great Salt Lake photowalk, the annual British Field Day will be taking place at Liberty Park on June 21 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It's full of vintage British cars and motorcycles, and in years past, they have set up a small race course where drivers compete in their old cars for the fastest time around the cones. It's kind of fun and there is a lot to photograph.
hpebley3 10 years ago
Ooo cool! Thanks for the heads-up on this Justin.
anntorrence Posted 10 years ago. Edited by anntorrence (admin) 10 years ago

I totally forgot about these photos. British Field Day 2006, when it was at Pioneer Park. Get there early, even as they are setting up, unless you like lots of people reflected in the chrome.
ParkerPixels 10 years ago
I will have to look, but I may have a changing room tent. I only used it once as a portapotty tent. :-)

Wife gave permission, so I will be there.
Aaron Barker 10 years ago
I'm in. I should have a friend or two coming as well. Talk is cheap a week out, so we'll see if they actually come ;)
s.myler Posted 10 years ago. Edited by s.myler (member) 10 years ago
If there is anyone with a wedding dress (preferably of the female persuasion) who would be interested, I would love to do a "Trash the Dress" type shoot while we're there. Here is an example of what one of these shoots can look like

If you're interested or have anyone who might be, let me know at

stager57 10 years ago
Here is another trash the dress link.
CharlesUibel Posted 10 years ago. Edited by CharlesUibel (member) 10 years ago
Please someone bring blankets and towels to keep the models warm.
Particularly if there will be trashing of the dress going on.
And everyone is invited to post the photos they take to the Great Salt Lake group

Risk and Style
mountainmama0108 10 years ago
Ok, it's looking like I'll actually make it to this one. Directions?
The great salt lake, great Idea. I will be there.
CharlesUibel 10 years ago
@rustlingleafdesign: I'll save a post for you.
dterryphotography 10 years ago
Here's hoping for some interesting cloud texture to the sky on Saturday!
jessica.c.ure 10 years ago
I can't wait to participate in one of these, especially as I see how talented you guys are, but it looks like I'm not going to make it to the June one because...
1) I have no tripod (yet)
2) I have no rubber boots
3) and my camera is in the shop

But hopefully next month!!
damp arch [deleted] 10 years ago
It looks Like I should actually make it.
Aaron Barker 10 years ago
Were we going to get a map?
FishChick 10 years ago
My hubby and I are coming.
dterryphotography 10 years ago
Jessica ... you should come anyway and just hang out with us. If you need to borrow a camera, I'll bring an extra camera. :-)
authalic 10 years ago
I'm not officially organizing this event in any way, but for those of you who need help with directions, here is a link to a Google Map of Saltair.,-112.186815&amp...

The "gate just west of Saltair" is near the bottom of the image.
CharlesUibel 10 years ago
You don't need rubber boots! It's not that bad. Just old Keds will be fine. Shoes you can get dirty.
photogirl66 10 years ago
Does anyone want to carpool? I have a monster SUV and feel really guilty driving that far with just myself in the car :)
dterryphotography 10 years ago
Likewise. I'll be driving a min-van from West Jordan. Anyone want a ride?
mountainmama0108 10 years ago
Just to give y'all a heads up: I will most likely be packing children, since DH is working today until ??? On the up side, it may be fun to have them goof around for a few shots. So if anyone feels like using them as models, I am not opposed. For the rest of the time I'll try to keep them out of the way.
lukeisley 10 years ago
Dang I can't belive I missed this one. I'm new to the group and just realized that today was the 21st. Where does the time go, honestly. I hope to atend next month if I can. I look forward to seeing some great pictures from today.
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