RichLegg 6:59pm, 12 December 2007
Hello folks,

The next photowalk event is scheduled for Saturday January 12th. We will be having it in Draper. I have made arrangements to use a large room in a church so we can set up three different "studios" to learn and share lighting techniques. We will be able to sync any camera, so beginners are definitely welcome. It still counts as a "Photowalk" because you will have to walk between the sets :)

If you have ever wanted to learn studio and location lighting and/or work with models, this is a great chance to do so. Many of the more experienced studio shooters will be there to share their skills.

Time: January 12th, 11:00 am
Location: Gateway Community Church - 584 E 12300 South, Draper
Contact: Rich, 801-259-3500 (

I hope to see many of you there.


p.s. If you have any lighting and/or backdrop equipment (Harley, Scott, Ann, etc.), please drop me a note (rich[at] so I can see what we have and what we need.
hpebley3 11 years ago
Can we get permission to use the computer and projector? If so, we could set things up to shoot in tethered mode (for cameras with that capability; I know this is a pretty standard feature on Canons. Anyone know about Nikons?). This would give instant feedback for the group on the relationship of the lighting to the image.

Would those with experience be willing to do mini-presentations about different effects and how to light for them?

You mentioned models and last night you mentioned them working for tips. Any recommendation on what a reasonable tip would be?
RichLegg 11 years ago
"You mentioned models and last night you mentioned them working for tips. Any recommendation on what a reasonable tip would be? "

I am planning on having five models available for the whole time. Though it would be purely optional, I think a suggested tip of $3-5 per photographer would be appropriate. Any thoughts?
JeremyHall 11 years ago
I am looking forward to this one. I have some lower end studio equipment I would be happy to bring, but if there are others with better things I have no problem being relegated to backup status.

As for the tip price, $5/ea is what came to mind when it was mentioned last night. Happy to chip in my part.
Aaron Barker 11 years ago
I would be interested in seeing things with lower end stuff. I have none and lower end is where I would most likely be starting if/when I take that step, so it would be nice to see what I can do with things in my price range.
RichLegg 11 years ago
I've got a couple of el' cheapo lights so I can easily show how to get great results from a set of lights that can be had for under $200. I will make a point to show this.
hpebley3 11 years ago
I would be interested in seeing things with lower end stuff. I have none and lower end is where I would most likely be starting if/when I take that step, so it would be nice to see what I can do with things in my price range.

Good idea. Maybe one of our setups could be strobist style: battery strobes. DIY setups, etc.
anntorrence 11 years ago
Lighting 101 from the Strobist would be an excellent primer if you are starting from scratch and want to maximize your time at the shoot.
Aaron Barker 11 years ago
On the note of lighting gatherings...
hpebley3 11 years ago
On the note of lighting gatherings...

Some talented people there. Fortunately we should be close to 110v power so we won't have to hook our lights up to the car battery. ;-)
Joachim Guanzon 11 years ago
hey rich, just sent you a message... I'm really excited to meet all of you :D
ampearlseyes PRO 11 years ago
I have no lighting equipment andI have never done any studio type shooting but I'd love to come and watch.
anntorrence 11 years ago

Like all of our Photowalks, this event is for everyone. Some of the most remarkable images in our flickr pool come from folks who are trying something for the first time. Come, hang out, ask questions, bring your camera just in case.

The whole point of Photowalking is to check the ego at the door and have some fun. Nothing more complicated than that.

I'm looking forward to meeting all the girl-shooters on the team too. AT
ampearlseyes PRO 11 years ago
I will consider it then. Thanks for letting me jump in.

photogirl66 11 years ago
oh do consider it! it will be fun to have a bunch of girls there!!
zonked insurance [deleted] 11 years ago
This sounds like a great learning opportunity. I'm going to try to make it.
learned shop [deleted] 11 years ago
Hey guys,

this sounds interesting, and, by the way, I am new here -- in this group!

I would love the opportunity to meet the people in the group, and to take a few pictures while I am at it.

By the way, what type of church is this? Is it like an older, traditional church, or a modern, gym-type of church?

Does it have any large windows for available, window light, or will we have to work with studio lights?

Please let me know.

Thanks again.

Germán S.
RichLegg 11 years ago
Welcome. It is a newer church in a converted shopping center. The room we are in has full length windows down the side that have curtains on them. They could be used for available light, but we are planning on 3-4 sets with studio lights and backdrops.
zonked insurance [deleted] 11 years ago

I have a set of three mono-lights (White Lightning) and a background stand with a brown muslin. If you think you'll need them, let me know.

Lady Pebbles 11 years ago
Sounds like a big crowd. Count me in.
malandro95 11 years ago
I'm a noob with a decent camera. I'm going to plan on coming. I think it is great that you guys set all this up.

It will also be good to meet you all. I stumbled across LeggNet several months ago and have been watching it daily since. Links on the page led me to additional sites (Scott, Ann) and it will be nice to meet you all so that I don't feel like a stalker.
Infinite Monkeys 11 years ago
I plan to be there.
bluheron 11 years ago
Hey everyone!
Just to let you know, a bunch of the regulars from the Utah Photo Safari are planning on attending as well! Sounds like a great day!

Since I regularly put our group's events on the Flickr Blog, I did add Photowalking SLC to the event title and linked it to this thread as well as to our group site. I hope that's ok!

I'll be bringing all of my Olympus gear for the gear tables.

calanan 11 years ago
I'm definitely in for this one!

- mike
(Near the U, SLC)
kazak4x4 11 years ago
A friend of mine (zelph) has invited me to this event. So count in another wannabe photographer
Eric Hamilton Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Eric Hamilton (member) 11 years ago
Hi. I'm one of those Utah Photo Safari people, when I can get time off my regular shooting schedule. I'm a full-time professional photographer. I shoot a ton of nightlife, and working into some fairly regular fashion work, as well. My rig is very minimal -- Nikon D80, some speedlights, and various stands, booms, etc...

My studio is very mobile, and I'm happy to cart the whole rig out to show people what I do and how I do it. =)

If anybody wants to help me out with a ride, I'd be thrilled to tag along and meet some more Utah photographers.
trosekay 11 years ago
Do you have room for another beginner? I'm new to this group and just found it via the Utah Photo Safari group on Meetup (haven't been to one of their events yet though). I just bought my first DSLR about a month ago and I'm trying to learn all I can about portrait photography. This sounds like a great opportunity even if I just watch.

Will be there as well
plakshun 11 years ago
I'm excited to come. This will be my first photowalk but I'm excited to meet other photographers in Utah and to take part of the community.
KellyB. 11 years ago
Yup, I'm another Utah Photo Safari-an up for the shoot.

Eric, where do you like? I can help you out if you live in the southern end of the valley.
anntorrence 11 years ago
I talked to Rich last night about logistics. We will make room for anyone who wants to play. Emphasis on fun, especially for our newest members and people who haven't ever touched a studio light before.

We aren't bringing any soapboxes for self-appointed experts. Shooters who have a strong strobe background are firmly invited to help make this a safe zone for exploration and discovery for all. And to use the time to stretch your own comfort zone in a supportive environment.

Logistics: models will be there from 11 to 2. We think we will have at least 5 set-ups. If you can bring a portable backdrop STAND, please let me or Rich know. A few volunteers to clean up and restore the sanctuary chairs into their original configuration will be appreciated. There is a Greek burger/gyro shack in the same strip mall for noshing. You might consider labeling your gear. Bring any props you want too.
Suggest at least $5 for the model tip pool, which will be split five ways.
Melissa Brown 11 years ago
I'll be coming! It sounds like fun. I haven't ever touched studio lighting, so this will be really interesting for me!
Eric Hamilton 11 years ago
I can bring a portable backdrop stand. If I can find a ride. I live a few blocks north of Temple Square.
ladyhyker 11 years ago
I'll be there. I'm new to this group too. I use to be a part of a similarly structured group in Maryland, so am glad to find you here!
- Bethany Ebling
Joachim Guanzon 11 years ago
do we have a list of who's bringing what? thanks!!!
can't wait to meet all of you
barlowdoug 11 years ago
Count me in! Lighting is fairly new to me so an event like this is exactly what I've been looking for.
elizabethfoote 11 years ago
Rich, are you sure there's enough room for this massive crowd?
andriacarnell 11 years ago
So any newcomer is allowed? I'm just getting into photography and would LOVE to come watch and learn and take some pictures.
calanan 11 years ago
do we have a list of who's bringing what?

FWIW, I'm new to lighting but will be bringing my Nikon SB-800, SB-600, silver and white 36" umbrellas, stands and a couple of old Honeywell optical slaves.

Someone mentioned a gear tryout and I'm up for that...I'll have my Nikon bodies, a variety of lenses and such.
Eric Hamilton 11 years ago
Looks like I can't make it. I'll be in Wendover.
RichLegg Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RichLegg (admin) 11 years ago
Wow, it looks like this will definitely be a well attended event. The room is plenty large enough to accommodate five different sets, so that won't be a concern.

After a few minutes or so of meet-n-greet, we'll divide up into groups and head out to the various setups. We can then maybe think about rotating after a period of time so everyone has a chance to dry different lighting equipment.

I picked up the door prize loot from Pictureline today, and they have given us over 20 Nikon or Canon branded accessories and/or swag to give away.

If you are bringing lighting gear for us to use, please try and be on location by 10:45 am. A few of us will be there beginning at 9:30 to move chairs and prepare the room.

I have six amateur models who have committed to helping us. I have used five of them in my stock work, so they are comfortable in front of the camera. A few of them are young (early teens) but are excited to help out.

If anyone has problems finding the location and needs to contact us, give me a call on my cell phone at 801-259-3500.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

elizabethfoote 11 years ago
Rich, I don't have any equipment -- aside from my tripod -- but I'm happy to come early and help set up.
Napalm Cupcake 11 years ago
Better late than never? I'm another Utah Photo Safari member wanting to come and learn too.... I'm going to do my best to make it.
hungry relation [deleted] 11 years ago
Crud, a conflict at the last minute--looks like I won't be making it this time around. :-(
Zeke McCabe 11 years ago
I look forward to meeting you... I will have my studio gear available to experiment with, and will answer any questions about studio lighting I can.
Kishkumen 11 years ago
Now that the event has happened, would it be possible to get a basic rundown of the lighting equipment used in each of the areas? I'm very interested in knowing a bit more about the different setups, and how the affected the different pictures.
KellyB. 11 years ago
Thank you Rich and to all involved. I thought it was a fantastic event.
calanan 11 years ago
Yes indeed, it was so nice to see and try so many lighting setups but more importantly it was great to meet everyone. Thanks to the folks with the studio setups for allowing us to use your gear and for sharing tips.

- mike
Aaron Barker 11 years ago
I was just coming to ask the very thing that Kishkumen asked (we must be brothers or something). I would also very much like to know what each setup contained. **please be cheap... please be cheap**
nortecphoto PRO 11 years ago
This was my first photowalk/safari and it was a great time. Thanks for organizing it and thanks to everyone that donated their equipment and time.
JeremyHall 11 years ago
Great event! Kudos to all that brought their setups and took so much time sharing and teaching. So glad to see this group exploding.
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