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So here we are in week 51 of the 52 weeks project - did you ever think we'd get here?

It's been a fantastic project to run, with more than 4,300 photos submitted and 811 members, and I'd like to thank you all for taking part.

We set out to explore the way we were taking photos and sharing them was changing in an age of smartphones and over the year we've tried an tested apps, effects and new ideas for on-the-go photography.

For many (including me!) the weekly task of taking just one photo actually became quite difficult - and focused the mind on choosing one image to represent that week. The result was a glorious mix of birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and important personal moments in the year mixed with national and international news events (Olympics, jubileee) and the changing of the seasons (you can see some of our favourites tagged here).

Now it's time to reflect on the project as it draws to a close - how did it turn out for you? How has the way you take and share photos changed? Will you be continuing with a similar project next year? What have been your best and most challenging bits of the project and what have you learnt?

Leave a comment on this thread looking back on the Photos of 2012 project for you, and don't forget to share your slideshow of your photos on this thread.

We also have a special thing planned for 52 weekers which will be on the Guardian site around New Year - I can't tell you anything just yet but I think you're going to like it!

Over to you....

(and Merry Christmas!)

Hannah Waldram
Community coordinator, Guardian, and original 52 weekser.
Here's a tribute to the project this year:
suer25 5 years ago
I have really enjoyed doing this. My plan was to use my iphone for each photo (managed this with all but one) and try to use lotst of new techniques- failed miserably on this as it was challening enough just getting a picture I was happy to post each week let alone having time to do anything else with it. However, I will try to carry on with it & try some new techniques. Have loved seeing what others have posted, great compostions and making mundane subjects look great- very inspiring.
I think this is the link to my set...

but I am not the most technical person & it doesn look like other links so I may be wrong-help!
overthemoon PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by overthemoon (member) 5 years ago
oh, now I understand why my stats shot up yesterday to 10 times their usual number! I was worried for a minute!

Still two photos to post before the end of the year but I'm surprised and pleased that I managed to keep it up. Normally my enthusiasm for keeping a diary, blogging or whatever fizzles out after a few weeks. The pictures documenting my personal 2012 hold a significance for me that might not be evident to anyone else: I knew at the outset that it would be my last year at work, but I did not suspect that I would become a widow. I can trace through the photos and the cycle of seasons the moment we found out about my husband's illness, the time he was in palliative care, and afterwards when the links with my children became tighter, then finally, embarking on a new life.

I'm not sure that my photography has evolved technically, though a few weeks ago I acquired a 50-mm lens which gives me another viewpoint. I'll try to concentrate more on this kind of thing in 2013!
Davoski 5 years ago
Hi Hannah. This has been a great project. Thanks for facilitating and inspiring us so well. The chance to share photos with others in the group has been a great success. Here are my reflections:
Helen Ogbourn 5 years ago
Great article and it's great to see everyone's year in photos! Thanks for choosing my photo for the article!
verdelite 5 years ago
Thanks for organising this project. It made me look for pics and think about them more, and has been something of a voyage of discovery in that I have learnt what catches my eye and what intrigues me; and that I'm interested in the world immediately around me, the day to day stuff, and minutiae - and that's actually quite a good thing to know.
jocopelondon PRO 5 years ago
I have really enjoyed the project and feel sad it is coming to an end. I would love to do it again next year and to try and think more about what is in the news then go out and photograph things. It has been good to see what other people in different parts of the country or in other countries submit each week and what is important to them.
Hannah-thanks for running the project. Its been great
HannahRW 5 years ago
Thanks all for the feedback. Don't forget if you want it to continue in 2013 you should post a comment here.

We made a special video of some of your photos which we think is a wonderful reflection of the year through the eyes of 52weekers. I hope you like it!

Click here to see it.
overthemoon PRO 5 years ago
enjoyed the video, thank you!
daviocious PRO 5 years ago
Overall, it was a lot of fun to take part in this project and I'm very happy (and a little bit proud) that you used some of my pics in the weekly summaries as well as in the video.

I also found it difficult sometimes to choose a picture to reflect the week especially as I had set myself the goal only to use pictures taken with my mobile phone. I had already told myself not to do any projects in 2013 as I had two 52 weeks project, one monthly project and two shorter ones keeping me busy in 2012 but now that I see you are up for a new round in 2013, I might have to rethink this. There are a few more days until the first deadline so let's wait and see :)
memake 5 years ago
Loved the project. Thanks for featuring my photos in your video! I plan on continuing through 2013.
TeleriWilliams 5 years ago
I enjoyed the video too - thank you!
Justine Gordon PRO 5 years ago
I sort of dropped out halfway through the year but will try harder this time. Thanks for including my shot on the video too!
robpatrick 5 years ago
I struggled to motivate myself to take the photos. Part of the problem was the quality of images I could capture with my 'old' iPhone 3GS especially when I got a piece of sand stuck in the lens halfway through the year :-(

Still, I managed to make it through the year and for the last couple of weeks had a new iPhone 5 to play with! Although I was still applying the same rules, i.e. all post processing to be done on the phone.

The next question is, could I do it for another year with a better camera? Mmmmm.
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