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Facebook buys Instagram

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The Guardian on Flickr is a group administrator The Guardian on Flickr says:

Some of you may have seen in the news the announcement that Facebook has bought Instagram:


I wondered whether we could do anything interesting around this news? Maybe posting your favourite photo taken for the 52weeks project using Instagram on this thread? Or perhaps you have an idea?

I'll start. This is one of my favourites using Instagram I took back in the winter - shows some kids blowing bubbles into the road:

Sunday bubbles by HannahRW

- and is likely to be the sort of thing we'll see posted to Facebook I think depending on how the app is integrated. What do you think?

– Hannah
4:02AM, 10 April 2012 PDT (permalink)

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katybird says:

I've just discovered this group so I'm a bit late to the party, but as an Android phone owner I've also just discovered the joy of Instagram!

I took this snap yesterday on the way back into London on the train (cropped for Flickr):

15:2012 & Day 100, April 9th: Singin' in the (London) Rain by katybird

I'm a bit apathetic about the Facebook buyout to be honest. I don't think Facebook necessarily have sinister intentions!
75 months ago (permalink)

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The Guardian on Flickr is a group administrator The Guardian on Flickr says:

Thanks @Katybird that's lovely - do you think Instagram offers a platform which is more easily shareable which other sites miss (you mention cropping for Flickr)?
- Hannah
75 months ago (permalink)

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