getgood PRO 5:10pm, 15 February 2012
I'm just asking as for me, it's not turning out how I expected (not in a bad way). I had envisaged taking part in The Guardian’s 52 weeks photography project would result in a nice little archive of photos of my first year back living in Cardiff (I moved back from Birmingham over Xmas) but as I’m travelling around for my job quite a bit, it isn’t quite working out like that. Two of the last four photos were taken in London - it seems to be a lot of things I spot whilst on my travels as well in my new home town.

I just wondered if anyone else saw their 52 Weeks project panning out a certain way but it becoming slightly different in practice? :)

I wrote about this here

Cheers, Nicky.
sprklg PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by sprklg (member) 6 years ago
I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole known as Instagram.
Not expected!
Helen Ogbourn 6 years ago
I'm really enjoying my 52 week project and certainly a lot less intense than my 365!

I decided to use mine to experiment with different processing techniques and I've been learning lots along the way. I also wanted to capture a nice memory from each week with part or all of me in the photo. It's certainly harder than I thought it would be, but if I can keep on with it, I'm hoping to have a nice little reminder of my year at the end :)
eebygumcaptain PRO 6 years ago
Yes, my 52 weeks project is definately easier than my 365 attempt ! I think I got up to day 17 and then ran out of daily inspiration, time and energy.

Capturing images on my iPhone is a lot easier than packing a digital SLR and as its always with me I've very quickly snapped some images on the way home or walking between offices. As with my previous iphone images, I started off with a fairly purist view that I would only take and edit images 'in camera' using my favourite apps like Camera+, PS Express or Tiltshift but I've modified that view and used Lightroom 3 on occasion to get a particular effect.

I never set out with a particular objective in mind other than to capture an emotion or memory from that week which I could reflect later in the month or at the end if the year. In that respect it's held up pretty well although there has been the odd occasion on a Sunday afternoon when walking the dog thinking ... I've only got a couple of hours left to capture the view or how I'm feeling !!
tamsin26 6 years ago
I also joined instagram, sprklg, and have done little else ever since!
thatdanfeeney 6 years ago
My 52weeks has ended up going in a different direction that I expected of it. I came into the project thinking it would be a great way of studying the everyday, and would be able to look back at the end of the year on what a 'normal' 52 weeks looks like. Yet it has turned out that I have been capturing more about trips out, events and occurrences rather than the norm.

That said, I'm really enjoying it. Just wish I could get myself out of the habit of posting my photos on a Sat/Sun so that I could fall in line with the weekly round-up!
jockkkk 6 years ago
I've certainly enjoyed it and it's made me think about what I see and what can be captured. I think I'll put the pictures and captions into a photobook at the end of the year because I've managed a picture every week. I have to confess that Instgram just doesn't do it for me but I know I'm in the minority.
2JokersInEveryPack 6 years ago
I'm just about hanging in there! The idea for me was to get me to carry a camera and actually use it (I have three cameras - a "bridge" - Fujifilm Finepix HS20EXR, a compact - Sony Cybershot DSC-W210 and a phone - BlackBerry Bold 9700); so far the vast majority of shots have been on my BlackBerry, simply because it's in my pocket all the time.

The main thing is trying to take a photo per week: some weeks all I seem to do is go to and from the office; other weeks there are loads of opportunities for a photograph, yet they're utterly inappropriate (for example in theatres - it's completely out of order).

I get a guilty sensation somewhere around the weekend and need to make sure I can get a good photo and an uploading opportunity - I'm just glad I went for 52 weeks rather than 366 days..!
scott.dougall PRO 6 years ago
I tried instagram but came to wonder why it is even popular - I disliked what it would do to my images - for me I am expecting nothing at the moment from my images although this project has become my flickr(ing) this year - in some ways it is forcing me to both take and to comment on my images - something I never did before - this week I have nothing yet - but in the next weeks I will be away adventuring after which I expect my responses to the world will become deeply personal and my participation here to become a sort of catharsis - is not all photography on some level deeply personal...?
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