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Early business news reports are coming in today which signify the end of a photographic era.

Kodak has filed for bankruptcy in a bid to survive a liquidity crisis after years of falling sales related to the decline of its namesake film business as digital cameras have taken over the market.

To mark this event we're asking you to show us your favourite kodak moments - a phrase which has been adopted due to the widespread use of the company's films and cameras - defining how we took photos throughout the 20th century.

Leave a post on this thread including your Kodak image - and tell us something a little more in your message or caption.

To clarify - we're looking for images which have been taken using Kodak films, point-and-shoot cameras, or digital cameras - so this may require a bit of scanning, uploading, or taking a picture of your picture with a cameraphone. Make sure you tag it 'Kodak' and please don't add it to this group pool as we'd like to keep this separate to the 52 weeks project, although the theme is definitely about how the way we take photos is changing (something we're exploring with this group). We hope to make a gallery of your kodak moments on so check the T&Cs on the frontpage of this group before submitting.
bonbongirl 6 years ago
bangkok, thailand by bonbongirl

Taken in October (maybe September?) 2005 in Wat Pho, the Reclining Buddha Temple, in Bangkok, Thailand.
I was fresh out of undergrad, on my first serious trip by myself (ended up being in South East Asia for almost a year), and with my trusty new Kodak Easyshare (one of the Z series) I proceeded to take hundreds of photos whilst growing up a lot. It was amazing.
Thank you trusty Kodak camera for giving me lots and lots of Kodak moments.
Ben Kelly PRO 6 years ago
Kodak Moment by Ben Kelly

OK, I won't lie, not taken with Kodak, but come on, of this isn't a Kodak Moment I don't know what is!
I was quite pleased with this as it WAS taken with film long after I'd started using digital.
This is from the Bristol Night Glow balloon festival in 2006.
Antony J Shepherd 6 years ago
While when it comes to black and white photography I'm strictly an ILFORD man, my favourite colour film at the moment is Kodak Ektar 100, which just has wonderful vivid colour like these:-

Purple flowers

Empty Deckchairs

I do miss Kodachrome 64 though, and this is the last ever frame to pass through my camera.
My last frame of Kodachrome 64

Finally, while this picture wasn't taken with Kodak film, it WAS taken with a Kodak No.2 Brownie, a model which went out of production in 1933, but as it took 120 film is still usable.
This is the camera: Brownie
rnuk 6 years ago
Young Buddhists
Taken at some ungodly hour in Bodhgaya, India, outside the Mahabodhi Temple. Quite possibly the best photo I've ever taken, on my favourite film, Kodak Ektar. Take a picture of the sky on this, and you'll just get a sheet of blue loveliness.
Neil Fitzgerald 6 years ago
Kodak should be remembered for putting the complex art of photography into everyones hands. Enabling anyone to pick up a camera save a moment forever. Without it being that simple, my Grandmother might never have picked up my late grandfather's camera and taken this photo for us to remember him by.

These photos do have meaning
HannahRW 6 years ago
These are all really lovely, thanks for sharing.

Agree @Neil Fitzgerald - feel very nostalgic for how great Kodak was at enabling everybody and anybody to pick up a camera, point it at something, and lock the memory forever so we can revisit it when we choose. This is a lovely photo of you and your grandfather (can you make it public so we can all see?)

rolleimpp1 6 years ago
You realise we have 18months to save Kodak...Now is the time to shoot at least one roll a week...for when film is gone its gone
rolleimpp1 6 years ago
Kodak Box Brownie with respooled Kodak porta 160
Ben Kelly PRO 6 years ago
I have a couple of rolls of Kodak expired film in the fridge. Can't bear to use it so far, I'll never see any more.
Neil Fitzgerald 6 years ago
@HannahRW: Done. Didn't realise it was hidden. :-)
Tabsinthe [deleted] 6 years ago
Kodak film is all about summer trips to the seaside.
Seaside Cycling
seriykotik1970 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by seriykotik1970 (member) 6 years ago
I'll definitely be sorry to see Kodak films go, as we don't have so many options. There's Fuji, and Ilford for the b/w, Foma as a cheaper b/w alternative, and some unbranded supermarket films if you are lucky, and... (scratches head) that's it. But I have a soft spot for Kodak's basic box cameras and folding cameras from the 20s to the 60s. Cheap and cheerful, simple to use, with often very impressive results.

Kodak Autographic No 2, from the 1920s (the blur is due to the flipped lens- a nice effect but only possible with single element lenses like this one)

Hiding difference, making unevenness even

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash- my favourite box camera, from the 50s (again- flippped lens) :

Remembered meadow of my childhood.

Lady in red

Kodak Duaflex- perhaps their classic box camera from the 60s.

Couple in 18th Century costume

The first of these is Kodak's colour-process black and white film- I forget what it is called, the others I think are Portra. All 120 film.
cmercer 6 years ago
This was my favourite Kojak moment.
kojak by cmercer
HannahRW 6 years ago
These are all really lovely thanks.
jonbrown13 6 years ago
Junction Pool, Rhandirmwyn by jonbrown13

Shot on the original Kodak Tri-X formulation, processed in Kodak D-76, printed on silver gelatin paper developed in Kodalith chemistry....

....ah them were the days!
hurtingbombz PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by hurtingbombz (member) 6 years ago
daffie: redux by hurtingbombz

my friend eva, north point, hong kong - elite chrome 400

it's like we never met by hurtingbombz

girl staring at truck, langjökull glacier, iceland - portra 160nc

fool that i am by hurtingbombz

surfer, bondi beach - portra 160vc
The Guardian on Flickr PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by The Guardian on Flickr (admin) 6 years ago
Thanks for all the pictures guys - you can see the gallery of images here. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to continue to post your pictures here for others to see.
Thanks again.
loscuadernosdejulia 6 years ago
I've blogged about Kodak photos I'd taken here:,

the photos I'd single out are:

Lake District 9 by loscuadernosdejulia
- Cumbria, UK, 2003 (?)

Dubrovsky by loscuadernosdejulia
- Moscow, Russia, 2001

The View from the Millenium Bridge by loscuadernosdejulia
- London, UK, 2005

St Paul's Cathedral by loscuadernosdejulia
- London, UK, 2004

St Dunstan's Church by loscuadernosdejulia
- London, UK, 2004

Piriápolis, Uruguay.
November, 2011.
Kodak disposable camera :)
ursulek 6 years ago
ramuma by ursulek

Lithuania, 2011

Fellini's world by ursulek

one of the most beautiful mornings in my life.

kur nors keliauti by ursulek

Mountains in Andorra, 2010
Back, and to the left 6 years ago

Taken last year on Kodak Tri-X 400, this is the first negative I ever developed myself, literally the only frame that survived as it unspooled itself in the tank and stuck together due to my sausage-fingered attempts at loading it :]
cypherspace 6 years ago

Taken at 1800m at Tolbo Nuur lake in western Mongolia, using Kodak 200 film. I love this photo, both for the memories of the trip, the placid reflections from the crystal clear lake and the way the grain from the film gives it a vintage quality in a way that no digital camera could.
Justine Gordon PRO 6 years ago
I just had the most wonderful hour going through old pictures, it is amazing how many shots were on kodak (lots on fuji too). This one was taken of my daughter Alice about 19 years ago, I had this picture stuck on the fridge for so many years, I loved her yellow raincoat with the flowers, it was her favourite.
sheilamcw Posted 6 years ago. Edited by sheilamcw (member) 6 years ago
muffin the mule, gran, mum & me c.1960 by sheilamcw

Muffin the mule, gran, mum & me on an outing to Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland c.1960

My favourite childhood photograph. I remember my dad's Kodak Brownie, which he must have used to take this picture.
simonse15 6 years ago
Nunhead children's centre, London SE15. Sadly went the same way as kodak some years ago and closed it's doors. No longer wanted as a children's centre by greedy Southwark council, who want to sell the land off with planning permision and build slave boxes on the plot. Sign of the times. Film: kodak portra.

sheilamcw 6 years ago
dad & mum's first car c.1954 by sheilamcw

dad & mum's first car, c.1954, Scotland
ART NAHPRO PRO 6 years ago
Hitch hiking in Kenya with my friend Jim in 1973 taken with my sister's Kodak Instamatic. Here is Jim standing by the sign near the Voi turnoff

Choices 1973 :Jim Stedman Hitch Hiking by ART NAHPRO
uncoolbob PRO 6 years ago
I've only recently discovered how amazing Portra 400 is, although this shot isn't the most technically or artistically accomplished, it is a "moment":

Disco Shed (Thames Festival 2011)

And here's some of the awesome Ektachrome 100VS, cross-processed:
Cold but fun

I really hope the film division is rescued somehow!
kitty b wonderful PRO 6 years ago
Love Portra:
I love Kev
love love
Looe Island
Harriet and Eddie
Feeding time on Eastbourne pier
These ones are the normal 400 ultramax you get in boots:
Essential Brighton photographs #544
and this one was one of their disposables:
Wave your hands in the air.....

leo ···· Posted 6 years ago. Edited by leo ···· (member) 6 years ago
This is so sad ):
I love the Kodak Portra... it's excellent

I have so many Kodak moments on my own, I don't even know what to choose... I don't think I can describe them in words, so I'll just share them with everyone (:

makingofagipsy by leo ····

Hai ther by leo ····

ds by leo ····

He is the tallest by leo ····

˝ by leo ····

Foto Ottica Cavour by leo ····

 by leo ····
ART NAHPRO PRO 6 years ago
My Walk to Work by ART NAHPRO

Taken with a Kodak Easyshare DX3215zoom in 2005 an early digital camera. Quite rudimentary by today's standards
Stephen Dowling PRO 6 years ago
Step into the light by Stephen Dowling

Taken during soundcheck for an Iron and Wine/Calexico show in 2006. Shot on a Bessaflex TM camera using Kodak Tri-X pushed to 3200.
Hi guys, thanks for posting your kodak moments to this thread - some really stunning pictures and great stories to go with them. We'll be updating the gallery shortly (see link above).
iamhobo 6 years ago
i'm going to miss portra like crazy, hopefully it wont run out too fast!

mare street magic by iamhobo

stpancras by iamhobo

 by iamhobo

apartment in paris by iamhobo

johnny by iamhobo
tom_gifford PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by tom_gifford (member) 6 years ago
I'm a big fan of Kodak, especially Ektar for colour, and Tri-X and T-max for black and white. It's all a bit depressing, although apparently the film division is still profitable so I won't give up hope just yet and start hoarding film!

It's tricky to pick favourites as I use Kodak film a lot, but these are a couple from a trip to Turkey last summer that I really like.

Margherita in Bozcaada 02

Waterfront near Galata Bridge, Istanbul
Beamtwenty3 PRO 6 years ago
This is a selection of Kodak 35mm slides that I have been collecting as part of an art project. This is such a shame, I just love the physical element you get with 35mm slides, which is lost with digital.

Kodak - End of a era - Submission
@Beamtwenty3 am really glad you found this thread - was just trying to send you a fanmail on Tumblr to let you know about it as saw your submission. Thanks for sharing - would love to hear more about your project?
lucylovestodance PRO 6 years ago
I was completely gutted when I heard about this news. FIlm is still an important part of photography and is still being discovered by people new to photography. Admittedly not as commonly as digital but I defy anyone who would say it was a defunct medium - look how well Lomography is doing!!

Here are just a few photos I've taken on Kodak throughout the years - I'm currently waiting on a whole Portra batch I shot in Iceland. I shot digital as well as film - so they can live side by side!

Portrait of Vaughan Oliver:
The wonderful Mr Vaughan Oliver

Thomas from Esben and the Witch:

Esben and the Witch
Esben and the Witch (shot for Stool Pigeon)

My flats

Nicolas Mak 6 years ago
Aberdyfi  by Nicolas Mak

This was taken in February 2011 while on a weekend away in Wales. The lush landscape and the Kodak Ultra 400 got along just fine.
wright32 6 years ago
Southport Marine Lake by wright32

This photo was only taken back in December. It is at Southport's Marine Lake and was taken on an Olympus Trip 35 (an icon as well as Kodak for David Bailey advertising it) and the film was Kodak BW400CN.

I have a strong dislike of Digital, the colour's are weaker and it is not as sharp.

R.I.P Kodak
ART NAHPRO PRO 6 years ago
This is a capture from one of my folk's home movies on Kodak film showing my sister with her Kodak Instamatic. This may be 1965 or so

Home Movie Nairobi Instamatic by ART NAHPRO
painta 6 years ago
L'empire du côté obscur


TriX. The streets won't look as good without it.

H at Rye Harbour
A favourite snap of my daughter at Rye on TriX

more mud
Mud on Portra.

Ektar at the seaside.

sprklg PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by sprklg (member) 6 years ago

Taken January 1, 2012 at about 2 a.m. at my neighborhood shrine, using Tri-X. Guessed the exposure.

One more:

Rue Notre-Dame, Vieux Montréal

Not long after I started using film again in 2010 I dug out my old Kodak Retina I. This was made in Germany in 1937 and is the same model Edmund Hillary took to Mt. Everest. I bought it for next to nothing at a flea market. My first 35mm camera. The picture was taken in Old Montreal with Kodak BW400CN film.
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