HannahRW 3:23pm, 13 January 2012
Time for our second round up of some of the best photos submitted for week two.

In terms of reflecting the week that was – there was a real 'back to work' theme to your pictures this week, with many a gloomy morning commute and struggle home in the wind being snapped.

I really like this image from @Max_Fax (Dave Dickie) showing the sustenance needed to get through one of the harder days back to work after the Christmas break, using a Hipstamatic 231:

Life Line by Max_Fax

It was also the week for skylines. There's a great use of the morning light teamed with Instagrammatic goodness (using earlybird filters) in @Justine Gordon's picture of the London skies:

London sky by Justine Gordon

And I love this winter sunset from @Emily S Bishop - picking up all the iconic buildings in the London skyline - captured on a canon EOS 1000D:

Sunset, from Stratford, January 12th 2012 by Emily S Bishop

As before please do leave a note with links to your favourite picture from the last week. With two more days of the week to go, I'll be adding mine over the weekend. And make sure you start tagging week three from Monday (3:2012) so I can find your pictures in the pool!
Justine Gordon PRO 5 years ago
thank you so much for including my picture!
Emily S Bishop 5 years ago
Oh, thank you for the nod! I appreciate that :)
Max_Fax PRO 5 years ago
Made my week. Thank you very much.
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