HannahRW 5:46pm, 9 January 2012
We've had a look at some of the good photography apps for androids here - now it's time to see what cool apps you guys are using and experimenting with on your iPhones.

I'll start - I obviously use Instagram a lot but I also like CrossProcess which adds layers of colour and makes the picture look faded, and GorillaCam to zoom in.

What about you?
Crop/Rotate 6 years ago
I love Camera+. It's got a good set of basic editing tools and a range of free filters, many of which can be used for subtle enhancements, corrections, or interesting effects.

Also, Photosynth, a panorama app, is really good fun.
ipainta 6 years ago
I have a question. I've been looking for a good basic framing app. One that will just add a pencil thin border in either black or white at whatever aspect ratio the picture is taken. Anyone know of one?

In terms of what apps I use I'm tending toward less processing. I prefer the street / documentary aesthetic. I do like snapspeed for basic adjustments and cropping.
thatdanfeeney 6 years ago
I use TiltShiftGenerator a fair amount on iPhone, really good for colour saturation. It makes a lot of the fact it can do some fancy blur/vignetting, but I'm more impressed by the sharpness of flood of colour it can achieve.
crzyhorse 6 years ago
I really like Snapseed - a powerful photo editing app. It has a range of impressive Hipstagram-type filters, all of which can be extensively modified, but I prefer the standard editing tools. I've tried quite a few photo apps but this is my favourite. Great on iPad too. Well worth a look!
HannahRW 6 years ago
Some great tips thanks all. Anyone know why/if the tilt-shift generator which used to be one of the filters on instagram has disappeared? Used to enjoy playing with that one, but will def try TiltShiftGenerator as @danpyt suggests.
David Urquhart 6 years ago
I'm a Snapseed tragic, but also use Hipstamatic (a cool app for cemeteries), Camera+ and ProHDR.
HannahRW 6 years ago
Tried out Adboe photoshop pro (the free one) this weekend - like what you can do with it in terms of sharpening and using sketch etc filters and colour filters. Not so great as instagram for automatic coolness though....
jockkkk 6 years ago
I have a ye olde iphone 3G but use Autostitch which I think it very cool.
sprklg PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by sprklg (member) 6 years ago
Check out Photosynth a panaroma stitching app with very cool user interface by, of all companies, Microsoft. Times have changed!

Slightly off topic, but there is a very cool panorama viewing app called TourWrist which uses the accelerometer sensors to pan the image as you turn your body in space. Works on the iPhone too, but best tried on the iPad for an immersive experience. Prepare to be wowed!
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