HannahRW 11:01am, 6 January 2012
Hi everyone,
Just wanted to point out a couple of great shots added to the group this week. I'm going to try and do this every week but if I'm not around feel free to add your own favourites from other people's submissions.

The first week of January saw storms dominate UK news as the windy wet weather swept across the country. @Sladey captures the mood in this gloomy pic with the rain ebbing down the window panes...

Ugh... by Sladey

Lots of people were taking a new year's day walk on Monday - and this from @AliAquarius captures a really beautiful and personal moment to mark the occasion - taken on an iPhone using instagram.

week 1-52 by AliAquarius

Some lovely winter landscapes in the group already. This from @tamsin26 fills me with lots of optimism and feelings of wellbeing for the new year.

 by tamsin26

Anyone else want to add any others you thought were either a) nice uses of mobile apps, b) captured the news this week, or c) showed a delightful personal moment?
overthemoon PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by overthemoon (member) 6 years ago
I like this one (sorry I can only grab the link)
for the composition, the cables going off into the distance, and the rather forlorn atmosphere, one person seems to be peering at a map in the fog!
And this one is so England in winter it almost makes me feel homesick:

The colours and composition of this one make it stand out:
More London
AliAquarius 6 years ago
Thanks so much for inluding my photo here!
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