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[TheAsarya] ADMIN March 6, 2015

Group Description


welcome to our group for our take on the best quality stuff on flickr. We wanted there to be a place where we could see photos we think are exceptional in some way in a number of different genres from a wide variety of contributors. All this without having to trawl through many pages of a pool or a bunch of different groups. And then there was photo[Slap], or 'the Slap' as it is affectionately known. Anyone can join and post, and we make an effort to invite a broad range of high quality images. We actively curate the pool to ensure that standards stay high and that there is a nice mix of different styles and contributors. Don't be surprised or disheartened if your posts get deleted, then. Try with something else. Just only post your best stuff that you think will fit in the pool, try not to post two photos next to each other and try not to repost stuff that has been deleted before, it will just get deleted again (you know who you are).

Have a look through the pool to get an idea of what gets in (the first half page is often awaiting curation). Otherwise have a look through the random, ambiguous and possibly misleading likes and dislikes below.

Main criteria we made up

- technical prowess isn't necessarily a virtue here - we want to see images that make us react, not just perfectly executed yet dull stuff
- something photographically novel or unusual (but still of a quality that fits the group)

Other stuff we like
- moody monochrome
- informal, candid or unusual people pictures
- dark colours
- creative portraiture
- street photography
- quality LOMO
- fluffy bokeh
- subtext
- analogue photography, though we welcome suitable digital stuff too
- negative space
- photojournalism
- photos that aren't in a hundred other groups

What we don't like
- cheesy frames
- stuff that's been done a million times before on flickr
- flower macros and nothing shots of your children and pets
- gimmicky digital effects
- large and obtrusive copyright notices
- anything that looks like a holiday snapshot

If you have a lovely picture of a boat or a sunset which would look fabulous in a calender it will most likely not fit in here(and would possibly make our stuff look amateurish by comparison)


the Slapprs

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Group Rules

1: People who repeat post the same photos to the group will be removed from the group without explanation. This group is becoming larger every day and it's a psychological burden for me to have to keep deleting the same photo every other day...i.e. life is a struggle already and it just pisses me off and ruins my calm so don't do it! People who do this will be removed from the group without explanation.

2: Photos with all but the subtlest of watermarks/headings/signatures/copyright marks will be removed from the group and people who repeatedly post such photos will probably be removed from the group without explanation.

3: We have a zero tolerance policy towards HDR or whatever people are calling it nowadays to try and pass it off as acceptable and people who repeatedly post such photos may be removed from the group without explanation.

4: I think it's lovely that people choose to embark on photographic "projects" but for gods sake please don't post every other day a slightly different version of the same artfully arranged piece of fruit/cleverly lit miniature thing/hot semi-naked girl. the spice of life.

5: So it is very apparent that there is a huge appetite for highly manipulated fantasy type scenes involving people floating/burning/cloned and other highly improbable and excessively colourful nonsense. We don't care. This is NOT the place for your creations...and people who repeatedly post such photos will probably be removed from the group without explanation.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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