Miss a Liss 9:14pm, 17 May 2011
Hi. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Missie and I LOVE photography.

This is my very first time starting a group, so if you have suggestions, PLEASE feel free to shoot me an e-mail and give them up! I would love to see this group grow and see all of nature from all over the world!!

If you could include where you are in the description of your photos, that would be great. Or post your own hello with where you live. I live in Michigan, The Great Lake State. You dont have to give any more specific info than that, but a state and country would be nice.

So, well I hope you enjoy this group and invite all your friends!!
Eric.Ray PRO 7 years ago
Thanks for the invite Missy, I'm in.
Miss a Liss 7 years ago
YAY!! Welcome Eric. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
twinnieE 7 years ago
Hello Missie,
Thanks for the invite. It's exciting having your own group, and all your lovely contacts in one place.
I live in Lancashire, England. I love photography, and I always take my camera with me everywhere, just in case!
Looking forward to seeing everyone's photos from around the world.
Miss a Liss 7 years ago
Welcome Jackie!! So glad your here. I look forward to your beautiful photos!!
general volcano [deleted] 7 years ago
Thanks for the invite, Missie! I hail from the western suburbs of Chicago!
super iron [deleted] 7 years ago
Thanks for the invite, Missie! I'm in Big Sky Country...Montana! :)
(traveling currently so am a bit behind but should get some new pics of southern Montana and Yellowstone this week)
Miss a Liss 7 years ago
Welcome Jan!! I am so glad you joined. You take such amazing photos!! Your not that far from me!!

Malinda!! SO glad your here. Bring on the big sky!! Cant wait to see your newest stuff. Hopefully Jeero didn't scare up too many
complete jellyfish [deleted] 7 years ago
Thank you Missie, i hope this group goes very well for you, I live in Ireland and i look forward to viewing all the lovely photo's that other members add to the group, best of luck,
Jacky Q. x
Miss a Liss 7 years ago
Welcome Jackie Q!! I am so glad you joined!! I love your photos and I wish, quite often, I lived where you Maybe someday I will make it to Ireland.
northern star pics 7 years ago
Hello Missie, I am a member of the One Object 365 Day group, My model is Jolly Olly Orange, and I saw your wonderful group in some of my contacts photostreams. I love being outside, and I love to see photos from all over the world. (One of my favorite things about Flickr!)
I come from the Chicagoland area. Thank you for creating this group.
Miss a Liss 7 years ago
Glad you found us Northern!! You take wonderful photos and I am thrilled to have you here!! Thank you for joining and posting!! I hope you enjoy it here. If you do, spread the word...*smiles*

You arent all that far from me. I am in the thumb of Michigan.
Bluwatergirl 7 years ago
Thanx for inviting me to your group..maybe I can make some new friends. looking forward to seeing other photos and learn from fellow photographers!!
Miss a Liss 7 years ago
YAY!!!! My mom is here!!! Welcome to the group. You will see many great photos here. Thanx for joining!
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