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Photo Ideas in Cleveland / NE Ohio

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PaulAdamsPhotography says:

Hello, I'm traveling to Cleveland 3/19 - 3/30 on business. I was wondering if someone could give me ideas of where were some of the better places to shoot. I'm interested in architecture, landscapes, waterfalls, old buildings, etc... I'm sure there are many areas in Cleveland but I'm looking for a couple of places to get started.
thanks in advance.
2:53PM, 17 March 2012 PDT (permalink)

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hypercore360 says:

- Cleveland MetroParks - there are plenty
- Cleveland Downtown
- Tremont area
78 months ago (permalink)

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diurba2332 says:

One of my favorites is LakeView Cemetery, right next door to Little Italy.
78 months ago (permalink)

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tbower says:

If you're downtown and like architecture the Hyatt Regency Arcade is a must-see. It was the first "mall" in the US. The interior is a photo shoot in itself.
Originally posted 78 months ago. (permalink)
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