torrorosso13 6:05am, 22 February 2012
Want to go shooting with the group
rtompstyle PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rtompstyle (moderator) 6 years ago
I think we should organize a Sunday mornining bike-n-pic downtown Cleveland once the weather warms.
simplyjake PRO 6 years ago
Torrorosso what did you have in mind?
In all fairness I will tell you I retooled this group for my friends in the other group to use as a place to organize walks. The only time i really will organize one is the Saturday after Thanksgiving , The Air Show and sometimes labor day Weekend(Because I live out of town now). That being said anyone that wants to put together a walk , I encourage to do so, i will try to attend, but unless it something I want to do and initiate, I am a very hands off organizer. If you want to do something march 3rd I can make it.
torrorosso13 6 years ago
I bike ride/ pic ride from downtown to Little italy would be cool.
rtompstyle PRO 6 years ago
Yes, that would be good. In the past the bike rides have concentrated in the downtown area, exploring back alleys, side streets etc for photo ops. Guess that was my thought on this one.
torrorosso13 6 years ago
sounds great. Let's shoot for april?
diurba2332 6 years ago
Sounds like fun.
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