With the snow a foot or more deep .. thiking of a Spring shoot may not be on your mind .. but there are a few of us who are planning a Low tech film - box camera day sometime in the Spring .. .

the idea is to bring a non automatic film camera tothe shoot (along with any other camera you want) ..

This is for anyone who wants to shoot like they did in days gone past.. Film - rangerfinders - hand crank SLR's - box cameras - press cameras, 4x5 sheet film cameras - TLR cameras...

A location will be picked as we get closer to a nice warm Spring day and we get an idea who will show up ... somewhere in NE Ohio or there abouts...

remember film is not dead ---

so are you in ?????

Steve Syd 7 years ago
35RF 7 years ago
I'm in!
tbower PRO 7 years ago
Hey...could I use one of these?
Old and older...
Hey Tom ...... The Canon may even be a little high tech for this .. but the Brownie .. in fact any Brownie should work well .. .

but you can even bring your D3s if you want !!!!!
hypercore360 7 years ago
IN. Keep us informed of day / time / location.
tbower PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by tbower (member) 7 years ago

That Canon is Manual's a match needle meter. I've been thinking about putting a roll of 35mm through it for a long time. As for the Brownie, Can you get film for it?

I was thinking it might be fun to "document" this shoot with the D3s, too. Photographing the shooters using antique cameras would make an interesting series, I think. Keep us all posted on this.

Hmmm....come to think of it, can I even get a battery for the Canon? It needs a battery for the meter (I could get along without that) but the shutter is electro-magnetic so the camera won't fire without it.
I have started up a new group just for the meet up .. Please join !!!!!


we still need a location .. so if you have any ideas please post them in the new group...
Remember we still need ideas for the meet .. and it's not just a film user event .. anyone can come with any camera .. come join the new group and all the fun ..
simplyjake PRO 7 years ago
Squirrel, thanks for starting this and getting the new version of the group on the way.
Personally , as soon as I know more details i will confirm myself.
As fr location i wu;ld say somewhere like the art museum or Botanical Gardens, maybe even the cultural Gardens. Spring time it is always good to have a place that is both indoor & outdoor.
simplyjake .. I hope you can make it where ever we meet up .. I like the idea of the art museum .. Inside and out is a great place to shoot .. As for the Botanical Gardens, they don't let tripods in and make you sign a letter saying you will not sell any of your shots .. It's a great place but not the best for a group pf photographers .. I'll add your places to the list .. we can pick a location and time later ..
tbower PRO 7 years ago
This is sounding more and more like a fun time...I'll bring the Canon and ONLY the 50mm...force me to move around just like the old days. I'll bring the Nikon to document.
I'm Bringing an Argus Model AF and maybe a Canonet Glll (the poor man's Leica) ... Both have a normal lens .. The Canonet has a 40mm 1.7 lens and the Argus has s 55mm f/4.5 lens ..
Not very wide but still fun to shoot ..
tbower PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by tbower (member) 7 years ago
Scott...the guy you met at our Edgewater Park shoot (Ryan) often used just his Oly E-3 and a legacy OM lens, a 50mm and he gets some great shots.

click the above link and go to the meet group .. we need a few more location ideas before we vote on a place and time for the meet ...

we will vote soon ..
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