simplyjake PRO 12:04am, 11 March 2008
Thanks to everyone who joined in an the Tour of The Ohio Theater.
See the great photos in the Group pool.
For this tour i am working on expanding the Number of people and the time alotted.
Sign up is the Same as before. cut off is Midnight March 23rd.
6-The resurrected d50(yutzee)
9- amp'ed
10- Mr. bob's mistress
13- Amy's Mom
14- Andi Knapp
18- lake2112
19- One(more)illg
20- Snowdaisy
22- Color Ray
23- Plus one
24- Stu Spivack
far book [deleted] 10 years ago
include the yutz and his resurrected d50
entertaining mind [deleted] 10 years ago
Count John for a return to the theatre.
John_K. 10 years ago
Count me in as well.
amp'ed 10 years ago
Count me in!

Can I be a +1 too? My mom would like to come also.


rtompstyle PRO 10 years ago
Better add a +1 for me if there is room....maybe I'll bring the mistress this time.......yeah, thats it.......
DBowen 10 years ago
I'm in too.
Has the date been changed? Because in the original thread you have April 5th listed. Regardless, I'm free both dates, so please add me to the list! :)
invincible books [deleted] 10 years ago
Absolutely. Hopefully April means spring! The weather should be much much better.
simplyjake PRO 10 years ago
@ Romi - Yes my mistake the paperwork Says April 6, sorry for that.
@ Rokkin - In cleveland winter is not officially over till after the Indians Home opener so fingers Crossed.
Everyone else has been added to the list.
entertaining mind [deleted] 10 years ago
Mike, you may want to check your "O" key. It might be sticking.
simplyjake PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by simplyjake (admin) 10 years ago
Seems fine toooooooooooooooo me.
Darlington girl PRO 10 years ago
Mark me in.

simplyjake PRO 10 years ago
Question everyone:
Technically the tour is only 90 minutes long, To extend it another 30 minutes it will up the cost from 80 to 100 dollars.
Does this work for everyone, or shall we leave it as it is.
This would add 1 or 2 dollars to the cost per person.if i can get an answer from everyone by this time tomorrow so i can give a timely reply to the playhouse people.
thank you
rtompstyle PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by rtompstyle (moderator) 10 years ago
Go for the extra opinion, especially with the Allen.
Extra time indeed...for all the remaining :)
entertaining mind [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm for it too.
Darlington girl PRO 10 years ago
Yep. Extra time.............
DEQ 10 years ago
Thadman and DEQ are in and up for the extra time!
amp'ed 10 years ago
I wasn't on the first tour, but as much time as possible sounds good to me. :)

Yvette van der Velde 10 years ago
The extra time is nice, for the theater tours in Columbus we had two hours which was good.
John_K. 10 years ago
I say go for the extra time. A couple bucks more is worth it I think.
snowdaisy 10 years ago
I won;t be able to make the next two - but I agree with the extra time!!
far book [deleted] 10 years ago
sounds like a deal. Can't beat it at any price. I mean after we do all four theaters it will have cost only about 25 dollars each. cheaper than tickets for a show.
simplyjake PRO 10 years ago
More time it is.
simplyjake PRO 10 years ago
Thank you everyone for signing up.
anyone else interested please sign up by friday. I have to turn in numbers then.
oneillg PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by oneillg (member) 10 years ago
Can you add 1 more for me, just in case? Thank you and sorry for the late notice!

EDIT: I meant 1 more in addition to myself...
simplyjake PRO 10 years ago
you are 17 and one more(Play on your name) at 19.
oneillg PRO 10 years ago
Thank you! And I got a chuckle out of the play on my name. Looking forward to the walk!
coordinated group [deleted] 10 years ago
Just confirming that I plan on being here for this tour since the blizzard ruined the chances on the last one. Just need directions for the site and parking.
simplyjake PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by simplyjake (admin) 10 years ago
Same as before, These theaters all connected with a common ticket officeI am almost positive the exact address is 1611 euclid ave. Cleveland, ohio
Basically Drive up 71 North. it will turn into I90 E. Take that to Chester Ave Exit. take that back into town to E 18th street. go right 1 block to payne and turn right and park on the street or there is a covered lot on E15th st.(behind the theaters.)
Walk down E 17th Street one more block to euclid Ave and the theaters will be on the right.
enter through the State theater entrance. Or you can walk behind the theaters and there is a back entrance to the Lobby(Look for sign that says ENTER THEATERS HERE)
If you park in the theater garage, there is a raised walkway to the lobbies.
simplyjake PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by simplyjake (admin) 10 years ago
@ oneillg (one ill g) - loooking forward to meeting you.
snowdaisy 10 years ago
Hey there - I think I will join you - looking forward to it!
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