simplyjake PRO 9:08pm, 13 December 2007
I am in contact with the people at Playhouse Square for photo tours of each theatre over a Month's time in spring.
They are very excited as i am to bring this to the group.
as there is a fee involved (amount depending on turnout( no more than 10 dollars for a poor turnout)
I will be extending this to the cleveland, exposure cleveland and flickrmeet columbus after i finalize.( I got the idea from this group)
The Tour will be guided and we will have access to almost the whole theatre.
what i need now is a tentative head count and show of interest.
Tentative first dates would be March 1st and april6.
Darlington girl PRO 11 years ago
Count me in!
far book [deleted] 11 years ago
barring flu, pneumonia, or bubonic plague I'm definitely interested.
jake7474505b_1999 ( the Coroner ) PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jake7474505b_1999 ( the Coroner ) (member) 11 years ago
I'm with the, yutz with a camera. if I'm still alive it sounds like fun !!
U'rouge 11 years ago
would love to join in!
*raises hand* Me too! Me too!
RoundboyzPhotography PRO 11 years ago
I would really enjoy this.....I love going down to the theater and often wish I could shoot it. Now with some of the renovations it would be a great opportunity....
stu_spivack PRO 11 years ago
Sounds great. Count me in.
simplyjake PRO 11 years ago
This is a good start everyone is welcome. I look forward to meeting new people and shooting with others again.
I will finalize details after the new year because my contacts are on vacation till then.
John_K. 11 years ago
What a great idea and a wonderful oppotunity! Count me in.
invincible books [deleted] 11 years ago
Wow! Sounds awesome. Spring is perfect.
rtompstyle PRO 11 years ago
Love to do this, unfortunately March 1st, I'll be out of town. I'll give an extra $5 if in April!
simplyjake PRO 10 years ago
these walks are definately a go.
I should have a schedule and guidelines Tuesday.
far book [deleted] 10 years ago
I am there, regardless of illness or parochial school duties. The parental angle might be an issue but I'm definitely gonna make a couple of these dates.
bittermuppet 10 years ago
Thank you so much for organizing this. I can't wait to see the schedule ;)
simplyjake PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by simplyjake (admin) 10 years ago
I am locking this thread and starting the New offical thread.
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