John_K. 12:55am, 4 December 2007
Sunset On Lake Erie

Labor Day Weekend On Wiskey Island. Not sure I'd want to be there today!
simplyjake PRO 11 years ago
I was out there labor day Weekend for the air show.
Cleveland Lighthouse
John_K. 11 years ago
Jake -- that's a great place isn't it? I was there the weeklend of the airshow. I think it was Sunday evening when I took that pic. A couple had chairs at the ed of the pier and had been there all day watching the air show and having a picnic. I have a few other I'll post later from that evening. On this cold snowy day, I'm already longing for days like that around here!

Love the boats in your shot!

simplyjake PRO 11 years ago
Thank you.
love the sky in yours.
That's a great park.
Next year i am going to get brave and rent a catamaran and go out closer to the lighthouse and take some close up shots.
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