John_K. 10:21pm, 3 December 2007
I just found this group, and am glad I did. I've been back to dabbling with photography for about a year or so now, after having purchased my first digital camera. Bought a decent P&S, but now I want to upgrade to a DSLR. While I now live in Cuyahoga Falls I’m still very much a Clevelander, and some of my favorite times of this last summer were spent on a few jaunts around town with my camera. I hope to join up on some of the photo walks I saw mentioned here…sounds like fun, and a way to learn!

I have a question – how do you post a picture here? I have a few in my Flckr account, but am unsure of how to actually post in the group discussion area.

Have a great day!

RoundboyzPhotography PRO 11 years ago
Just click on the photo you want to insert and then copy the first box of text....not the url but the actual HTML code.
Welcome to the group. I am new too and yet to get on a walk with this group. And of course its cold so might be awhile.
I'll extend the same invitation....if you are ever bored and want to just get together and have a mini photowalk I'm game.

simplyjake PRO 11 years ago
hello and welcome to the group.
Don't be afraid to start your own walks.(and that's for everyone in the group) i live out of town and only host walks when i am up visiting. i will post events from time to time that i think would make a good walk or interesting subject matter.
Another group to check out for walks and get togethers is Exposure cleveland( a bunch of great people.
StickWare 11 years ago
Welcome to Flickr. You have some really great photos in your pool. Hopefully you can come out to some of the events that Exposure Cleveland has. There should be a new show a week from Friday at the Lava Lounge. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
John_K. 11 years ago
Thanks Stickware. And thank you jake and Brad too. Brad you helped me post a pic -- I appreciate it!

Looking forward to learning more about the event at Lava Lounge. Where is it located?
RoundboyzPhotography PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RoundboyzPhotography (member) 11 years ago
w.14th and auburn....ON the corner...I found it today. I only know this cause I was supposed to go out sunday morning and shoot with a couple from here and couldn't find it. Which im gld cause they didnt go either cause the weather...would hate them waiting around for me.
here are the directions for the lava lounge. Auburn Ave&city=Cleveland&state=OH&zipcode=44113-5263&country=US&title=<b>1307 Auburn Ave</b><br /> Cleveland, OH 44113-5263, US&cid=lfmaplink2&name=
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