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The hunt

1. In 1879, this invention tripped the light fantastic when it was turned on in downtown Cleveland. Name the inventor and his creation. (Two-part answer)

2. No. 20 stands tall in here. Name No. 20, the landmark in which No. 20 stands, and where the landmark is located. (Three-part answer)

3. On a 1983 TV special, millions watched him sparkle. Name the person, what he wore and where it is permanently displayed. (Three-part answer)

4. You say fuchsia, I say magenta. Whatever the color, this purple people pleaser is a major hit. What are we talking about?

5. The roof of this landmark appears in the opening scenes of a movie thriller. Name the place and the movie. (Two-part answer)

6. A mere 200 million years ago, this was frightful. Now kids climb on it. What is its nickname? Where is it? (Two-part answer)

7. Robert and Meryl were in a wedding ceremony here. Name the place.

8. A showy edifice with a royal name.

9. This landmark's nickname sounds like it belongs in a mechanic's toolbox. Give the correct name of the landmark and its nickname. (Two-part answer.)

10. Among its gardens, this green spot has one that talks.

This more for you locals. It is more of a local history quiz, but i figure if someone's looking for something to do;
If you know the answer to a question go take a picture of it.
Post your photo here(medium format) with the Question # and answer.
Have fun.
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To get things Started i will answer # 1
Charles F. Brush invented the Arc lightbulb.
Arc Light
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