simplyjake PRO 6:59am, 23 April 2007
spongepad 11 years ago
Darn, I'll be outta town.
.Donkeykong. 11 years ago
It would be something to have a daily update of the construction, a frame a day taken fromt he same vantage point, and at the end watch the bridge come together with all the pieces linked in series.

I might be in cleveland saturday morning. If I'm there in time I'll try and get some shots. It will probably be raining. (this is cleveland after all)
stu_spivack PRO 11 years ago
I definitely plan to watch and shoot. The demolition is scheduled for 8am. I think I'll plan to get there early but only a little. 7:45 ish.

I added the event details here.

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm looking forward to it.
StickWare 11 years ago
I plan on checking this out.... I took some shots there the other day..
stu_spivack PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by stu_spivack (moderator) 11 years ago
Did anyone have any luck with this? I showed up a few minutes before 8am and took a position on the Pearl Rd bridge. The view wasn't great. Is it any better from the baseball field? Around 8:30 I heard a noise and saw some smoke. Another hour later I heard a couple more noises and saw a little more smoke. I think some of the bridge may have fallen but from my vantage point, the bridge looked exactly the same as it had earlier in the morning. I drove around to try to get to the baseball field. Around 10:30, I asked a police office and he said that it will be another hour.

It's 12:45pm. Is the bridge still there? If not did anyone manage to capture the actual implosion?

edit: It's now 1:30 and the bridge officially lives to see another day. I'd still be interested in hearing about your thoughts on the different viewing areas.
simplyjake PRO 11 years ago
I was there. Arrived around 7:45 (From mount Vernon, left 5:30 AM}
I was lucky enough to be positioned to the right of the detonation team.
Around 8:30 there was a giant boom,followed bymen scratching thre heads and talking on walkie Talkie devices. A nice woman from ODOT came over and filled us in that there was a cut in the line and another try was about a half hour away. About 9:45 a series of seven quick blasts were heard another large cloud of smoke and we thought well the first part of the Bridge is down, but as the smoke cleared the Bridge stood firm.
We were told a third try would be an hour away and shortly afterthat we were told that only the Arch over the RR tracks would be dropped. After about an hour the rumors started to spread, 20 more minutes, they will do one span at a time etc. Well after a series of 20 more minutes( we could tell the false ones because the construction workers with camshad them off tripods and were sitting comfortably in automobiles and trucks. but when the real deal came they were lined up like Parents at a school play. And finally around noon a quick series of blasts and the arch came down.
If anyone has the where with all to go the Denison/fulton road side has an excellent vantage point to see the debris. but go quickly they have less than 48 hours to clear the line.
Word from the lot was that the planners were going to meet monday to decide when to drop the rest.
I am exhausted and p[ictures will get posted when they get posted.
simplyjake PRO 11 years ago
simplyjake PRO 11 years ago
They are finishing the Bridge Demolition today Tuesday may 1 at 6 PM.
Sorry for the late post but i just saw it.
Brookside park is open. you can enter and park from Ridge Road.
simplyjake PRO 11 years ago
..... and as of 6/10
Still There
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