stevefaeembra 9:13pm, 24 October 2009
I seem to have 'inherited' the Admin role.. I suspect James has stepped down as Admin (thank you, James, for all your work setting up and running this group). Flickr passed the baton to me as the earliest joiner of the group.

I'm happy to be an admin, but this group is currently moderated, so it's probably not a good idea to have one admin and no moderators :-)

If anyone fancies helping out as a moderator / admin, let me know here or drop me a flickrmail.

And remember everyone, photos need to be geotagged, or they won't appear in the pool. Even if an admin or moderator has approved it in the queue, it won't appear unless you've added it to the map. Thanks!
IrenicRhonda 9 years ago
I'm willing too
IrenicRhonda 9 years ago
PS you ought to change the blast box to reflect the change
stevefaeembra 9 years ago
thank you, Fi and Rhonda, our new moderators!
RobertEdnie 9 years ago
I'm happy to put my hand up. Founder of "Scotland in Picture".
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