Photography JC 11:44pm, 26 April 2009

I set up a group like this for Edinburgh and it has been a resounding success. Therefore, in true Scottish style I have decided to create this group to encompass ALL of SCOTLAND. All we ask is that your photographs submitted to the group are GeoTagged and were taken in Scotland.

Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread.

Fiona. central scotland, photography addict, shoots with a canon.,
4eyes1lens 9 years ago
Donald, Lothians, hooked on Flickr, shoots with a camera ;o)
Photography JC 9 years ago

Cool and shoots from the hip!

unknown jelly [deleted] 9 years ago
an excellent idea
unknown jelly [deleted] 9 years ago
oops - N o r m south of Edinburgh

I shoot on the Darkside (ie Nikon)
{keith} PRO 9 years ago
Keith, Edinburgh, Canon...errr that's it !
robust door [deleted] 9 years ago
Owin, Midlothian. Another Canon shooter
Jon Davey 9 years ago
Jon, Edinburgh, like Donald, uses a camera :-)
KWG73 9 years ago
Ken, Edinburgh, and I must confess that I own a camera.
im sure us canonitess are beating you nikonites!!!!!!!!!!! lol
but i echo what him up there says ^^^ (norm) great idea!
Fulla T PRO 9 years ago
Hamish, Edinburgh 'uses' a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28. Bad name - great camera!
McAlister 9 years ago
Kirsty, Edinburgh, and a new Canon user! Hi everyone.
weyhey another canonite.......... only joking and most of u shuld know that by now honest! ;)
Spencer Bowman Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Spencer Bowman (member) 9 years ago
hi folks,.. thanks Donald for the invite : )
Spencer, Glasgow.
..half-breed sassinach, with a sony a700.
..i like to be different ! haha.

looking forward to participating,.. and expanding my mind with geotagging.. Whooo...
unknown jelly [deleted] 9 years ago
errr, hang on

this is a Nikon only group - isn't it ?
Spencer Bowman Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Spencer Bowman (member) 9 years ago
..yeah,... if you have one..

the BIG QUESTION... how do i geotag my photo's ??

edit: ok. i got it,.. 'add to map' next to photo.
wolfette PRO 9 years ago
Jette - Edinburgh - Fujiminx.

sorry Norm, thats third door on the right...... or was it left. hmmm let me see now............
stevefaeembra 9 years ago
Great idea James, thanks for setting this up.

Steve, Edinburgh. Olympus, Nikon and Canon - and been really happy with all of them :-)
ha!! steve thats hedging your bets if ever i saw it! lolol
unknown jelly [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by unknown jelly (member) 9 years ago
Note: for anyone reading this thread and who is under the impression that the "banter" is a bit close to the bone - most of us have known each other for over 18 months (yes, it really is that long) and have met personally several times over that period so we "know" one another rather well.


Now I've said that I can say THIS

Life really is better on the DarkSide - raspberry raspberry raspberry

Good point, norm, its easy to forget that not everyone knows each other that well........... so i will apologise now if i upset anyone excepting of course norm whome I take it as my god given purpose on earth to upset by slaggin off Nikon on each and every occasion i can............... and you only think its better Norm cos you have never tasted the sweet taste of Canon! ;) and raspberrys are only ever going to be second grade strawberries! so there!
Raspberries = Nikon
Strawberries = Canon

and we canonites have the cream!
ahead detail [deleted] 9 years ago
David, Edinburgh-ish, shoots and scores.
You can with a Canon
unknown jelly [deleted] 9 years ago
Damn and blast all these reprobate Canonites - I used to have an AE-1, AV-1, A1, T90 and an ESO thingy many moons ago but then I saw the light (or should that be the Dark?)

Raspberries = Champagne you know
ian freck PRO 9 years ago
ian, falkirk been taking photos cple o year now and had canon for the last year..
weyhey, we are beating you hands down! champagne? thats only fizzy vinegar anyway!
Nicky Graham PRO 9 years ago
Nicky, based in Edinburgh. I've been taking pictures for the last 3 years or so but still learning every time I take the camera* out.

* Full-frame Nikon primarily (hope that makes Norm feel better) and cropped frame Minolta when I need more reach/a rest.

Thanks for setting up the group guys - it will be good to get ideas for photographic locations!
unknown jelly [deleted] 9 years ago
Nicky - HA! I knew there were others lurking

Come on the DarkSiders

Don't worry people this will not turn out to be another one of those Canon v Nikon threads ...

Fi - fizzy vinegar ? I'll have to show you a few things
Sunapics PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Sunapics (member) 9 years ago
Su from Helensburgh. Just re-started taking foties last summer, usually a Sony A300. So I'm not a darksider OR one of The Others ... which corner do I have to stand in??
[update, as of Nov 09, now have a Sony A700]
unknown jelly [deleted] 9 years ago
Hee hee Su, The Others - I LIKE THAT
ian freck PRO 9 years ago
Take ur pick su, sonys make a cracking camera now and will have their own corner soon
hey ther are no corners its a circular room didint you know! ;) its THEM.........US........ an THEOTHERS! lol

Norm, show me a thing or two??????...... ahhh i forgot you have sooooo many more years experience than me! ;)
nevernamedaldo 9 years ago
Alan, OH of Fi here....only just started takin pics 2 weeks ago...Canon...
Photography JC 9 years ago
Welcome aboard Alan. Jump right in.

HighlandBlade 9 years ago
Hi Folks, Karl from Nairn. Thanks for the Invite, lets hope the group realy takes off.
Mac ind Óg 9 years ago
Don't think I know anyone here so I'm always happy to meet new Scottish photographers. Another Canon user, based in Glasgow!
ian freck PRO 9 years ago
hiya karl and mac welcome ...

might have guessed alan would have been a cannon man fi
lol well he hardly has a choice does he
RobertEdnie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by RobertEdnie (admin) 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Robert from Kirkcaldy. I use an Olympus u1200. Thanks to Rhonda for the invite.
welcome to the group robert
briandoyle1 PRO 9 years ago
Hi Brian from Stonehaven, Olympus E-510 use, thanks for the invite Rhonda, .
jolly circle [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi there, Davy, based in Pitlochry, Perthshire. Olympus sp565uz. Many thanks to Rhonda for the invite.
stumpsaver 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite
Grandaddy Flash PRO 9 years ago
Hi i'm Eddie fae Bonnybridge and I use my hands :)

An Olympus and Nikon DSLR user, I carry around a wee Nikon P50 at all times - comes in very handy.
IrenicRhonda 9 years ago
Welcome all. I'm glad you could join us
NH_Snap PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by NH_Snap (member) 9 years ago
Hello and thanks for the invite. I'm Nils (psssst - don't tell) I use mainly my Canon, my mobile phone and the new Hitachi Pocked Number my son's got this weekend for his Birthday but own also to Minolta 7Xi and 7000i (shelved till retirement). How does that fit in? Also I stay near Falkirk.
brianslade20 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I shoot with a Fuji s5 but want a 5x4 field camera. Look forward to finding out where to go photograph next.
pashl PRO 9 years ago
Hi, thanks for the invite. I'm Les from Perth and use a Nikon and sometimes fuji
lopsided spring [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite!Am Loic,live in Edinburgh and use Nikon
billmac_sco PRO 9 years ago
Thank you for invitation. Bill, Glasgow and use Nikon D90
Hi to all the new members, pull up some chairs and get comfy! :)
RobertEdnie 9 years ago
I recognise a few faces here from
SS1 Design 9 years ago
thanks for the invite!
IrenicRhonda 9 years ago
Thanks for joining us
Liam McFadden 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I'm currently residing in the Clydebank area unfortunately ;) Liam, Nikon D300.
RobertEdnie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by RobertEdnie (admin) 9 years ago
Welcome - Unfortunately?? The wonderful sight of the John Brown Crane in photography would cheer me up any day!!

You have a project for tomorrow to post a great image of this iconic Scottish structure!!
RobertEdnie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by RobertEdnie (admin) 9 years ago
+ welcome!!
Rosco 101 PRO 9 years ago
Hi There. Ross From Musselburgh Shooting with a Canon 30D.
Thanks for the invite Rhonda.
IrenicRhonda 9 years ago
Glad you could join us Rosco 101
Ken Moffat 9 years ago
Hi, Kenny from Motherwell using a D90 with Fuji and Panasonic compacts and trying hard to get back into 'togging after being quite unwell for a while.
IrenicRhonda 9 years ago
Hello Kenny, welcome and glad your health has improved
Blethery PRO 9 years ago
Lesley from Lasswade, reading all the comments here made me laugh :-)
Thanks for the invite.
IrenicRhonda 9 years ago
Hi Lesley from Lasswade - pleased to meet you
leedslily PRO 9 years ago
Hello, and thanks for the invite. I'm Hilary, and (whisper it) I'm not actually from or in Scotland at all, but I spend as much time there as I can and have a partner from Motherwell. Hope that means you'll be gentle with me ;-)
McRusty PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by McRusty (member) 9 years ago
Hello and thanks for the invite. Russell here, from the hills above Loch Ness. Some great pictures in the group. Is there a way to see a map containing just the groups pictures? I'm fairly new to Flickr, so sorry if this has already been covered. Would be nice to choose an area from the map to browse the pool pics from that area.

ps. I don't have a canon, is that ok? :)
IrenicRhonda Posted 9 years ago. Edited by IrenicRhonda (member) 9 years ago
Welcome mcrusty!

The group's map is here

Normally you would access it from the front page. Under the group's name are some links in blue
Group Pool Administration Discussion 212 Members Map Invite Friends

PS mine is an Olympus P+S not Canon
McRusty PRO 9 years ago
Thanks . Didn't notice it up there. Having looked at it though, as a group, we have a lot of work to do to fill it up! Looking forward to helping. Maybe you should put a bounty on pictures from the hard to reach areas :)

Thanks again.
nairnbairn 9 years ago
Hello... my username is the clue.

I have a camera. I reckon the eye behind it is more important than the name on the front .

I take pictures. Some turn out OK, some don't. Hope some are worthy of inclusion in the group....
orquil PRO 7 years ago
Hi - I just joined. I am John - back in Orkney again after many years away.

The vast majority of my photos are of Orkney - year round - but possibly most of them are taken during the Winter Months despite
the short hours of daylight then. John
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
orquil wrote
The vast majority of my photos are of Orkney
Welcome, Orkney is one of my favourite places
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
mike.stephen99 PRO 7 years ago
Guided here by McCrusty
I'm Mike with a love of all things Scottish - food, whisky, music, landscape and even our climate!!
My other halfs English but she can't help that :-)
I am from Aberdeen and look forward to being part of this Group

BTW, an avid Canon user (5D2, 1D3, 600D + a load of "L" lenses)
mendel9331 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by mendel9331 (member) 7 years ago
Hello I'm G Macdonald from south of D&G I'm afraid but get too Scotland whenever I can. Oh I forgot I'm a Nikon user (mostly).
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