Amun09 4:01pm, 25 October 2014
Because I want to know us better, and to form a community of this group of photographers, and help each other to take better shots, I invite you to write as many posts and themes, perhaps even your desire of collaborations in future projects with other photograpers, I look forward your phosts!
colin9007 4 years ago
Thank you for inviting me to the group. I love to photograph landscapes and architecture, as well as transport. I love to receive comments on my photos too.
Amun09 4 years ago
And I thank you for joining this group, and we wait to see al your wor'k here!
Lin.246 4 years ago
It is great to view other photographers work. I like to photograph beaches, sunrises, animals and am always keen to hear feedback to learn as much as possible from hoers.
Thank you
nikkidaydreaming 4 years ago
Thank you for adding some of my photos to this group. I like taking photos of nature and landscapes. Especially beaches and sunrises/sunsets.
ambitious kittens [deleted] 4 years ago
Thank you for inviting me to this group.
I love Street Photography.
Also i like classic portraits.
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