discarted 1:42am, 17 January 2009
While shooting in downtown LA recently, a fellow photographer was harassed for taking photos from a public sidewalk.

So to help educate some people about our rights we are gathering this Sunday afternoon in downtown Los Angeles.

Please bring your cameras and any type of video camera or audio recorder so we can have a record of what happens.

Location and Time:

Pershing Square, Downtown Los Angeles at 2pm
Jim Poulos [deleted] 8 years ago
Have any details of the incident been posted on the web?
NoHoDamon 8 years ago
Bryan Villarin 8 years ago
iowapix - My first incident was solo and I was too chicken to take photos of the security personnel.

I didn't get over my fear here, and my friend didn't know what to do (it was his first time getting harassed).

Unacceptable. I won't hesitate to press the shutter on Sunday.
dlritter 8 years ago
When I am out photographing things in public and it starts to look like I am going to be harassed by security I make it a point to take several photos of them.

They always seem to protest about this later citing concerns about their personal rights. I find it really funny that they are concerned all the sudden about their rights while they are infringing on MY civil rights.
JaysterDotCom 8 years ago
@dlritter. I like that!

Reverse it on them.

Are you saying that you have spoken those words to them? And if so, how did they react?
This is a good idea. I think one of these needs to happen, maybe involving a tour of a couple CTA stations, and ending across the street from Boeing's corporate headquarters.
dlritter 8 years ago
I have in fact said this to them and they never seem to see my point.

Of course because I am being painted as a terrorist, anything I say is meaningless.
NoHoDamon 8 years ago
Well, we did it, and had a lot of fun.
I got there late, so I headed straight for where Bryan got hassled. I didn't see the group, so I took a few photos. Within a minute or two, this young lady showed up. When her questions went unanswered, she radioed in my wardrobe choices.


Not wanting to get the party started too early, I crossed the street. They put their best man on me. But I saw through his game. Literally.


When the rest of the group showed up, we began strategizing about a block away from where we were heading.
But before we could come up with a plan, this SG came out, saying the usual crap, you can't take photos of private property, etc. We were just standing there talking.



But, after some schooling, it was looking good. He seemed like a good guy, and I think he saw our point.



But then, my security guard from the other building came out of this one, and started the whole thing over again.


They said they called the cops.
So we called the cops.


Dave got an LAPD officer on the line, and asked him to explain our rights to the SGs. The officer agreed to do it, but the SGs wouldn't take the phone.


When we got to our original destination, we decided to stay all the way out by the curb, just to make sure we were not on private property.


Not good enough for these guys. We weren't there a few minutes before this guy showed up.


Then, this guy. The tough guy.


Came over to Discarted and asked for ID. The answer came back "no."


He insisted that the building owned the whole sidewalk down to the street!


After we were there a few minutes, this guy-- who wasn't there with us-- pulls out a camera. The guards told him he couldn't take photos.
Without a word from us, "it's a public sidewalk" was his response. It was beautiful. He hung out for a while, taking photos and giving the guards some grief along with us!


After a while, we called their bluff, and told them to call the cops. They never did.


I'm getting the stink eye from this SG, because I kept asking him when the cops were going to arrive.


At some point, we figured we had enough fun, and headed out to find a Starbucks. We were just walking up the sidewalk, when this guy came out of a side door on the building and said we couldn't take photos.

JaysterDotCom 8 years ago
I love it! Wish that I could have been there.

That SG asking for an ID is equivalent to me walking up to a complete stranger and asking for his/her ID.

Funny thing.....these look like SGs.

I would have taken my Flip video though to have that in addition to the pics.

Where do these SGs get their info from? Why is it so common to tell us we can't do what we have a right to do?

Lets do it again and I am coming next time.....I will drive all the way from Sacramento.
JaysterDotCom Posted 8 years ago. Edited by JaysterDotCom (member) 8 years ago
I went back and looked at your photostream.....anyone know what this is all about? What kind of control? Permission?

Civil Code § 1008 – Title by Prescription; Permissive Use

No use by any person or persons, no matter how long continued, of any land, shall ever ripen into an easement by prescription, if the owner of such property posts at each entrance to the property or at intervals of not more than 200 feet along the boundary a sign reading substantially as follows: "Right to pass by permission, and subject to control, of owner: Section 1008, Civil Code."
(Added by Stats.1965, c. 926, p. 2540, § 1.)

Tom on Formosa PRO 8 years ago
Civil code... whats the penalty if you break this?
Do they own the light on their property too?
lensman40d 8 years ago
If you guys do it again I'll be there sick or not.
Bryan Villarin 8 years ago
iowapix - Wow, that's a mouthful.

JaysterDotCom - I'm sure you'd get harassed in Sacramento too, right?

If you'd drive down here to take photos (and probably get harassed), that'd be awesome dedication. :-)

lensman40d - Awesome. SGs need more people to bring this to their attention.
NoHoDamon Posted 8 years ago. Edited by NoHoDamon (member) 8 years ago
Our understanding is that the markers show where their property starts, but refers to the property to the left, not ahead of the marker. We were careful to stay on the street side of the markers.

Last I heard, Discarted is working on syncing our iphone video and another audio recording.

Jaysterdotcom and lensman-- you guys would have loved it. It was great.
JaysterDotCom 8 years ago
@bryanvillarin Funny thing here in Sacramento.....it only seems to be a problem at this one Mall and only with this 1 SG there. I own him now that I spanked him real hard. He does not bother me anymore. I was donwtown today shooting the MLK event and after it was over, did some shooting around and near some large buildings away from the event and not a peep from any SG.

@NoHoDamon and Discarted......I would love to go there with you guys if you go again to help you document it.......I take ZERO BS from these guys. I will also have a Flip Video.
Bryan Villarin 8 years ago
JaysterDotCom 8 years ago
I say we call the News Media and tell them that we are coming next time.
MrFabesBird [deleted] 8 years ago
Wow! Brings back fond memories.
I remember running into this no-neck last year at the US Bank Bldg when we did our walk.
Wish I could have made it downtown Sunday!
NoHoDamon Posted 6 years ago. Edited by NoHoDamon (member) 6 years ago
Do you believe this sh*t!?!?

They even handed them the card, but still told them they couldn't shoot.
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