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"We can't unarrest you because that makes it a liability." OldUncleMePRO 0 OldUncleMe 4 months ago
legality of using someones photo on youtube? DieselDucy 2 Pak T 5 months ago
Photographers Harassed in Southern West Virginia WillynWVPRO 3 OldUncleMePRO 6 months ago
Are photowalkers undermining photography rights? opinioneditor98 2 Scott Strehlow 8 months ago
Constitutional Law and Photography ronscubadiver.wordpress.com 0 ronscubadiver.wordpress.com 1 year ago
They are teaching them to be sheep young... DieselDucy 0 DieselDucy 1 year ago
Expanding/renewing photography rights Squirrel Girl cbkPRO 1 Pak T 1 year ago
Photographing Secret Sites and Satellites retiredPhilPRO 4 bill.dPRO 1 year ago
OK to shoot women's private areas that are publicly visible Squirrel Girl cbkPRO 3 ralatalo 1 year ago
Can the Cops Cuff You For Filming an Arrest? Squirrel Girl cbkPRO 8 Kai EiseleinPRO 1 year ago
An Opportunity to Keep Photography Free in Wilderness Parks. retiredPhilPRO 15 OldUncleMePRO 1 year ago
deciding what camera to get elevatorfan7072 1 bill.dPRO 1 year ago
B70 Bus Driver in Brooklyn harassed Photographer and Stops her Bus in Middle Of Intersection s89hblr 2 retiredPhilPRO 1 year ago
Texas Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-photography Law retiredPhilPRO 0 retiredPhil 1 year ago
Yorktown Man Wins Appeal on Improper Photography Conviction ronscubadiver.wordpress.com 9 ronscubadiver.wordpress.com 2 years ago
Should I stay or should I go? pcc_4601 1 retiredPhilPRO 2 years ago
Woman assaults photography "pervert" and is arrested by police retiredPhilPRO 0 retiredPhil 2 years ago
FBI Harasses Photographer retiredPhilPRO 1 RB (Bob) Jones 2 years ago
This cop deserves an AWARD!! DieselDucy 0 DieselDucy 2 years ago
New Hungarian Photography Law McTumshiePRO 2 sunnyUK 2 years ago
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