traval123 7:18pm, 18 June 2008

At first I didnt like this one to much because I thought the beams of light were a little to glaring. But it kinda grew on me when I looked at it in a smaller size. It seemed that the light wasnt as bad. What do you think?
DouglasShillPhoto 10 years ago
Normally I would say the light coming through adversely affects the image, works for this image. Looks kinda mythical.
Mr. Pumpkin 10 years ago
I agree it is really cool but a bit too bright.
traval123 10 years ago
I just noticed something really weird in the background, it is easier to see at a bigger size, though. To the left of the tree trunk, at the bottom of the image, it looks like a cat or something is leaning against the tree.
DouglasShillPhoto 10 years ago
It's Merlin the cat!
fantastical song [deleted] 10 years ago
Its a really nice shot. Maybe a bit too much light filtering through but it a good shot nonetheless.
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