DouglasShillPhoto 3:40am, 16 June 2008
If you are new to the group, take a minute to stop by and introduce yourself. No need to be a hermit and hide behind the rock any longer...
traval123 10 years ago
We will probably all know each other, but if its not obvious, im traval1 from G&T, lol. Kinda funny how all three of out names here on flickr are slightly different than they are on G&T.
Mr. Pumpkin 10 years ago
Not for Doug anymore. Pumpz here.
fantastical song [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi im soulerean and like everyone else i consider myself an enthusiast and love photography. I find it very stress relieving lol. Its nice to be here and yeah i love lil groups : )
ruth.rothschild 3 years ago
Hi, I'm Ruth. I'm a relative beginner to photography and am an amateur who has a passion for photography. I started out using 35 mm film cameras several years ago, then moved to a compact digital 9 years ago, then to a higher level point and shoot camera (Canon PowerShot SX 50 HS) almost two years ago. Because of a busy life (work and raising a family), I only had time to take pictures in auto mode and didn't have the time for the creative photography I had been previously doing when I was still single and didn't have family obligations. But, now that I'm retired and have more time, I've returned to my photography passion and have been having fun with my SX 50 HS.

My main interests are in nature, landscape, and macro photography. Recently, I've been dabbling a little bit in super macro photography, but currently need more equipment to get the results I want.

For me, photography is a continuous journey of learning and discovery. My hope, by joining this group, is to solicit and receive some constructive criticism on my photos as well as to have the opportunity to look at other members' works.

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