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I just saw a very powerful pictorial image about democracy on Flickr. Check it out here at and many thanks to the original photographer of this pictorial image.


This is a powerful pictorial message showing that now the Hong Kong government has no strength against the mainland chinese government therefore we all 7 million Hong Kong citizens must rise and gather together our strength to overthrow and afterwards restore the Hong Kong government.

Hong Kong has always been capable to become independent from the mainland chinese government and maintain the values of rights and freedom. Just due to the fact that the fascist mainland chinese government wants to gradually move the heart of our Hong Kong people by all possible means, poor C.Y. Leung became the scapegoat to take the blame. It seems that Hong Kong politicians can't really do much to help in any situation. One word from the mainland chinese government will change a whole lot in the Hong Kong politics. This is a iron fact, but what can we do?


Now Hong Kong people have the following three options:
(1) Remain still in Hong Kong and dun utter a single word.
(2) Move away from Hong Kong including the assets and establish a new life in another foreign country.
(3) Start a revolution against the communist regime and Make Hong Kong become an independent country.


It's been 15 years already. Democracy in Hong Kong is moving backwards and backwards day by day. What's in our mind? Still tolerate? Or are we lazy?


Now, we will walk the other way from whatever facist policy the Hong Kong government passes. If the government takes violent actions, we will fight till the end. We Hong Kong people are not tofu. We are not dogs. We are human beings. We have feelings. We must fight. Remember how Fidel Castro and his comrades overtook the regime from the Bastista government? Is the Castro government still functioning in 2012? Sheet Yeah. I bet the Castro government is quite well off now because they did what they had to do back in the old days. Trust us. WE CAN DO THE SAME. The mainland chinese government will not send their troops to Hong Kong, for if they do so, they will lose Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau.

Together we walk, together we laugh.


My Hong Kong Friends, there is no time to hesitate. Do what you want is the whole of the law but when we do it, we have to do it skillfully and abide by the law of our land at all times because we do not act like the rascals in mainland china.

Bloodshed is not encouraged though it is sometimes unavoidable for a successful revolution against a fascist government.


It is not up to the politicians to decide for us. It is our responsibility to shape the future of our lives, to shape the future of Hong Kong.

Please give or do your best to support Hong Kong whether you currently live abroad or in Hong Kong.

We trust that Hong Kong will have a bright future.

Best Regards,

P.S. Don’t Forget: This is a platform to appreciate each other’s photographic work.

Enjoy : )

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This is the story of a mainland chinese communist.

The Rise of Mainland Chinese Communism
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