My Friends,

please ENTER the make and model of your camera that you are using with your name in the format as below so that I can get to know which brand and model is mostly used in the market.

Jennifer Williamson, Canada, Olympus OM-D E-M5

This is my personal survey. Thank you.

Jamie McCaffrey 6 years ago
Jamie in Bytown - Nikon D7000
rpamparo 6 years ago
Roy @ Toronto - Nikon D50 & Lumix GX1
Thanks Jamie in Bytown
Thanks rpamparo.
clairee_0722 6 years ago
Jhoan @ Toronto- Nikon D3100
Thank you clairee_0722
Peter_Cameron PRO 6 years ago
Peter in Aurora. Nikon, Canon, Fuji.
hi aurora_photog, and what model of the Nikon, Canon and Fuji are you using?
Moe0 6 years ago
Moe, Nikon D7000 :)
Thanks Moe0 :)
hayato_japan 6 years ago
hayato@Japan-Nikon D40 Nice to meeeeeee:)
simply innocuous PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by simply innocuous (member) 6 years ago
Older film photos Canon A1 or AE or Vivitar cheap snapshot camera.
Since 2001: Various Sony Cybershots, a few cellphones, Nikon D70 & D80. Scientific pics using laser scanning confocal microscopes with detection by photomultipliers and scientific grade CCD, EMCCD, or CMOS detectors.
peteskiphoto 6 years ago
Sony in the past...
HD360 6 years ago
Omer @ Toronto - Nikon D5100 & Sony H9
FreeSpirit5 PRO 6 years ago
Canon 7D and Canon 50D . victoria, bc Canada
drfugo PRO 6 years ago
canon 5d (classic), canon 33v
alessio.canepa 6 years ago
Pentax k10d
Nikon d300s
Sinar F
Pentax 645
Kiev 60 with pentacon lenses
mamiya rb67
Pentax LX and MX
BEER... and manfrotto tripod...
Wine... and profoto strobes
Liu YuCheng 6 years ago
Olympus E-420
Olympus E-P3
Aneifer 6 years ago
Canon G12
Canon T2i
Nikon D3 sometimes a D3X and D3S
Retinapop Designs 6 years ago
Robert @ Toronto, Canada - Canon 7D and iPhone 4S
Beaches Marley.....iPad art PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Beaches Marley.....iPad art (member) 6 years ago
Hi..Toronto Canada
Use Canon 5d, Canon 5d Mark II
Lots of L series lens, wide,zooms, regarlar
Going to buy the Mark III soon .
Manfrotto Pro 3 tripod
Travel with Canon T2I and it's 2kit lens and a Canon G12

Love to travel extensively. Checking off my bucket list.
Havana in Nov then the Galapagos.
breezy cattle [deleted] 6 years ago
Leica D-Lux 4 and Leica X1
ordinary knot [deleted] 6 years ago
Clyde - Hamilton - Nikon D90
Curepian PRO 6 years ago
Marshe - London ON - Nikon D90 - D5000
Brian Pressey PRO 6 years ago

Kodak Max Z980
Kodak Max Z981
Kodak Max Z990
Nikon Coolpix p500
Nikon Coolpix p510
Pardon The Lens 6 years ago
Mike-Brampton, ON-Nikon D90
mlaudisa PRO 6 years ago
Maurizio in Toronto -Nikons D90 and D800
interesting lace [deleted] 6 years ago
Roland from Toronto - Canon 450D XSi.
succinct twist [deleted] 6 years ago
acurry95 6 years ago
Amanda from Toronto - Sony Alpha 300 and GoProHD 2
Howard from Toronto- Nikon D90
Randall in Cape Town - South Africa
Canon EOS 7D
andrew-int 6 years ago
Andrew from Hamburg, Germany / Melbourne, Australia - Sony Alpha 300
cheeling70 6 years ago
cheeling70 from Mississauga,
Canon 5D II
Canon SX40
Mike.Reed PRO 6 years ago
Mike Reed... Melbourne,Australia Shooting with D3X, M9
mapleleafs photo 6 years ago
Canon 7 d
GeraldPG 6 years ago

GeraldPG in Texas Nikon D70
rodgerrealm PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rodgerrealm (member) 6 years ago
Kevin Rodger - London, Ontario - Canon 60D.
geomm PRO 6 years ago
Joseph from Taiwan
Sony A850
Sony Nex-5
Nikon F3HP
vhie02 6 years ago
Ivy from The Philippines
Sony DSC-T90
Canon EOS Kiss X3
Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
fukui_norisuke 6 years ago
Thank you for inviting me.

Nikon D4, i got it!
wataamee 6 years ago
wataame - Tokyo, Japan
Canon 5D mark II
Kyocera Slim-T
Contax T2
Patricia Speck 6 years ago
Sony a-350
bjornho PRO 6 years ago
hong kong

olympus epl2
fujifilm natura classica
olympus XA
explorewithmaya PRO 6 years ago
canon rebel xs
Aum Kleem PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Aum Kleem (member) 6 years ago
Sony Alpha series and Canon t2i
QuinteFan 6 years ago
Canon 60D
Travis Is Exposed! 6 years ago
Travis - Canon Rebel T2i
Alex - Canon Rebel T1i
McKenna Princing PRO 6 years ago
McKenna Princing - Sony NEX-3, and I use my iPhone for Instagram shots
ailismileyaili 6 years ago
Aili - Olympus E-PL1
Thank you all. Please keep the ball rolling. Thank you.
Steve Desko 6 years ago
Steve @ Vancouver
Nikon D90 & Nikon D70S
7thKind 6 years ago
Nick @ Toronto - Nikon D3100
m.pacyna 6 years ago
Martin @ Toronto - Nikon d7000
I need more feedback. Thanks buddies.
James 阿詹 PRO 6 years ago
Olympus EPL-2 ,EPL-1
Thanks James.

Dear ALL, please keep the ball rolling : )

Nice. How do you feel about it?
Italy_jai2002 (Thanks for more than 500,000 views):

I feel good.
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