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For an invitation to join the group, please email me at with details of your yahoo email address
Please set photo as public otherwise camera and settings info is invisible and you will be ineligible for the prize draw.


  • STICKY  Your Favourite Phone Photo/Video

    There are many of my photos that I love, for different reasons, but my favourite...

    Chani.M38 months ago10 replies

  • STICKY  This group is for pictures taken on phones ONLY

    If you can make a phone call on it, I'm happy to have pictures taken with it in ...

    Richard C Yates49 months ago8 replies

  • Applying Tags difficult?

    Metadata tags are useful in the real world of libraries and the internet, but I'...

    robin_ottawa (I'm on a phone!)39 months ago0 replies

  • Macro = closeup? I don't think so,

    In my old days, macro referred to images that were 1:1 in scale on the film nega...

    robin_ottawa (I'm on a phone!)52 months ago1 replies

  • Need more "depth of field" in shots from 808

    Happy New Year all, My sister put me on the spot over Christmas, by asking me t...

    doh.ouch54 months ago1 replies

  • What on phone editing tools do people use?

    I use Snapseed on both iOS & Android. For me, it's the best on device editing sy...

    Sean Paull54 months ago4 replies

  • Lumia Moments

    Are "photos" from Lumia Moments welcome here? I've just posted one and noticed t...

    robin_ottawa (I'm on a phone!)56 months ago0 replies

  • Anyone else want a separate group for unprocessed shots?

    I sometimes wish I could just see shots that are unprocessed with external softw...

    robin_ottawa (I'm on a phone!)59 months ago2 replies

  • Steve Litchfield comparison of flickr apps

    Hey everyone (but mostly Nokia owners)! I'm sure we're all (the Lumia owners)...

    Matt Leech62 months ago4 replies

  • Winners

    How can I find past winners from the group. I mainly use Flickr booth. Thanks

    thekeithbbb62 months ago4 replies

  • Getting WindowsPhone pics into Phones Show group

    I currently have the official Flickr app (which still advertises itself in-app a...

    Matt Leech62 months ago6 replies

  • Should we set a theme for picture of the month?

    I'd like opinions about whether we should set a theme for picture of the month, ...

    Richard C Yates67 months ago4 replies

  • Suggestions for prize photo competition

    1) Photo must be TAKEN during competion period, or POSTED then? I vote for "ta...

    robin_ottawa (I'm on a phone!)69 months ago2 replies

  • Sony Qx-10 and Qx-100 lenses

    Opinions sought as regards whether we should allow pictures from these in the gr...

    Richard C Yates69 months ago9 replies

  • Geofence

    I like the fact that most phones come with GPS and thus your picture's location ...

    Kodak Roam69 months ago5 replies

  • Exif Data

    Anybody know of a WP app that will upload with EXIF data intact? Using 2flicka a...

    laughable guide69 months ago6 replies

  • About TAGS - who can put them in?

    Hello PS peeps, I was very surprised today to see that I could put a flickr T...

    robin_ottawa (I'm on a phone!)69 months ago3 replies

  • Nokia 1020 Raw / .DNG

    Hi, updated my 1020 to black yesterday and want to play about with raw. Anybody ...

    laughable guide69 months ago5 replies

  • Photo Limit...

    I think as the group is growing a daily photo limit should be added, some of the...

    Sean Paull69 months ago13 replies

  • Lumia 1020 EXIF data has no focal length?

    I noticed that all the 808 shots tell you what the camera focal length was for t...

    robin_ottawa (I'm on a phone!)69 months ago5 replies

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