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Feel free to post as many pheasants, grouse & partridges photos (please check the list below) as you wish. Thank you to members and everyone who help this group by sharing their beautiful photos in the pool.


  • Black Grouse

    Having just posted a couple of Black Grouse photos, I note that the Group list s...

    tickspics 23 months ago0 replies

  • Faisanes del mundo is one of the first pieces of work in Spanish about the st...

    Iñaki Hernández García (iherga)34 months ago7 replies

  • Time for a purge?

    There are a lot of non-Phasianidae photos in this group!

    Paul B Jones46 months ago1 replies

  • The Pheasants Book

    Dear Group Members, I would like to thank you for contributing photos for t...

    AnitaWPANewDelhi65 months ago10 replies

  • comment on photo's

    I've given up trying to comment on photo's. The pictures that people include wit...

    judicious hole94 months ago2 replies

  • World Pheasant Association - research, training and conservation

    Hello, I have recently come across this group on my search for pictures of p...

    LOWPA96 months ago0 replies

  • Galliformes Classification

    For those who are interested in the classification of Order Galliformes - Sub...

    AnitaWPANewDelhi102 months ago0 replies

  • Why not add cracidae?

    Wouldn't you agree that Cracidae (guans, curassows and chachalacas) are kin enou...

    Caranpaima113 months ago2 replies

  • Introduce yourself

    Thank you for sharing these priceless pictures of the world; it does not matter ...

    BALIwww.com114 months ago10 replies

  • Peafowls and pheasants Forum

    Hello, here is a Forum regarding pheasants and peafowls :

    pegase27115 months ago1 replies

  • Graphic

    I have pictures of pheasants, but understand pheasant lovers may not want to see...

    Mercedes Curnow Photography116 months ago1 replies

  • Green Peafowl (Now Endangered! :()

    Some recent research shows that there are at least 6 species of Green Peafowl. T...

    Frankyboy5117 months ago13 replies

  • Video?

    Would you like to have video in your group? I have a video of some wild turkeys ...

    Pregilla118 months ago1 replies

  • partridge behavior

    I live on the coast of Maine, I was at a friends house 10 minutes inland. There ...

    IrishMonk85120 months ago2 replies

  • silver pheasant

    We found a male silver pheasant roaming in my daughter's yard last week. Had nev...

    davissusan4959ages ago0 replies

  • Recent images added to the group

    These are some of the latest photos added to complete the group species list: ...

    Standardwingages ago6 replies

  • selected photograph by kathybirdap

    This was taken at the San Diego Zoo in the hummingbird exhibit. I watch for this...

    kathybirdapages ago0 replies

  • chukar sexing

    looking for guidence on how to sex chukars raised 15 from incubator and would l...

    superh54ages ago2 replies

  • Unusual Pheasant Behavior??

    Very curious about something... While I was at the National Zoo in DC, I sn...

    jharshmanages ago4 replies

  • Taxonomy

    I don't want to start a taxonomic dispute, but does this group recognize New Wor...

    J. N. Stuartages ago1 replies

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