zero g PRO 1:10am, 1 March 2008
G'day Woodwardens!

We were fortunate enough to land a long interview with Peter (Babylon Five-Crusade's technomage Galen) Woodward in advance of the Australian opening of the new movie he scripted, "Closing The Ring" (Directed by Lord Richard Attenborough and starring Peter Postlethwaite, Christopher Plummer, Shirley McClaine, Mischa Barton and Brenda Fricker) and will be broadcasting it in two parts on Monday 3rd and 10th of March (2008) between 1 and 2 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. It will be the FIRST item on each episode and run for around thirty minutes or more each time, including musical tracks.

Melbourne, Australia, is +11 hours GMT/ Zulu Time.

The show is Zero-G: Science Fiction, Fantasy & Historical Radio and has been running for 14 years now. It airs on 3RRR FM, Melbourne, Australia's largest subscriber based no-for-profit public radio station at 102.7 mhz on the FM stereo band.

For those of you who want to live audiostream it links can be found at 3RRR FM's website at:


Rob Jan
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Historical Radio
Pockafwye 9 years ago
Woot! Looking forward to hearing that!
Pockafwye 9 years ago
Just heard the first half of the interview and it was wonderful! Looking forward to next week's installment.
zero g PRO 9 years ago
The interview is (as of 26.3.2008) archived at:

Note: This is a stripped down version sans musical tracks.
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