Rexton PRO 1:59am, 14 January 2006
Hello and welcome.

This site is intended for any and all material relating to Peter Pan and Neverland, and is intended for all audiences, and especially for the young and young at heart. Please avoid submitting material inappropriate for children.

The Quest:
There are Seven wonderful statues of Peter Pan in the world, cast from a mold made by the sculptor George Frampton. The first seven images in the group will give you an idea of what the statue looks like.

The quest is to reunite these statues in this group.

1) The picture(s) should be tagged with:

a)the location of the statue (city and country, and hopefully a more specific location).

b) "reunitepeterpan"

c) "peterpan" and "statue"

2) Closeups are welcome, but try for one picture of the entire statue from the front, hopefully giving an idea of the surroundings.

3) The statues are located at
a) Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park in London, England
b) Liverpool, England
c) Brussels, Belgium
d) Bowring Park, St. John's, NL, Canada
e) Near Glenn Gould Park, Toronto, ON, Canada
f) Perth, Australia
g) and Camden, NJ, United States

4) When we get similar views of all seven statues together, they will be posted together in the discussion group.

5) Start by taking the second to the right and straight on 'til morning. Good luck and have fun!
{innocent eyes} 12 years ago
The photos I've just added to the pool are not of one of the statues listed above, but they are of another statue of Peter Pan and Wendy in the Oamaru Botanic Gardens in New Zealand.
It looks very similar to the others though.
Rexton PRO 12 years ago
The images are a great discovery for me. I only knew about Frampton's Peter Pan statues based on the Kensington Garden statue. To see something knew with a similar beauty is a wonderful revelation.

Thanks for introducing these, and welcome to the pool.
{innocent eyes} 12 years ago
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