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Group Description

This group seeks to gather and present images and discussion of all species in the Australian endemic genus Persoonia.

▪Rufiflora Group
P. brevirhachis
P. inconspicua
P. rufiflora

▪Laurina Group
P. confertiflora
P. laurina
P. silvatica

▪Longifolia Group
P. elliptica
P. longifolia

▪Arborea Group
P. arborea
P. subvelutina

▪Gunnii Group
P. gunnii
P. moscalii
P. muelleri

▪Lanceolata Group

P. acerosa, P. acuminata , P. adenantha , P. amaliae, P. asperula

P. baeckeoides, P. bargoensis, P. brevifolia

P. chamaepeuce, P. chamaepitys, P. conjuncta , P. coriacea, P. cornifolia , P. curvifolia, P. cuspidifera, P. cymbifolia

P. daphnoides

P. fastigiata

P. glaucescens

P. helix, P. hirsuta

P. iogyna, href=""P. isophylla

P. juniperina

P. katerae

P. lanceolata, P. laxa, P. leucopogon, P. levis, P. linearis

P. marginata, P. media, P. microphylla, P. mollis, P. myrtilloides

P. nutans

P. pinifolia, <a href="" P. oblongata, P. oleoides, P. oxycoccoides, P. pertinax, P. procumbens, P. prostrata, P. pungens

P. recedens, P. rigida, P. rufa

P. sericea, P. stradbrokensis, P. subtilis

P. tenuifolia, P. terminalis, P. tropica

P. virgata, P. volcanica

▪Dillwynioides Group
P. cordifolia
P. dillwynioides
P. flexifolia

▪Graminea Group
P. graminea
P. micranthera

▪Chapmaniana Group
P. chapmaniana
P. pentasticha

▪Quinquenervis Group
P. acicularis, P. angustiflora
P. bowgada
P. filiformis
P. hexagona
P. papillosa
P. quinquenervis
P. rudis
P. scabra
P. spathulata
P. striata
P. sulcata
P. trinervis

▪Teretifolia Group
P. biglandulosa, P. brachystylis
P. comata
P. falcata
P. hakeiformis
P. kararae
P. saccata,
P. saundersiana
P. stricta
P. teretifolia

Group Rules

Images of plants in the Australian endemic genus PERSOONIA only.

Please try to ensure correct identification of species prior to posting.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 20 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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