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Plants are living organisms belonging to the kingdom Plantae. They include familiar organisms such as trees, flowers, herbs, bushes, grasses, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae. The scientific study of plants, known as botany, has identified about 350,000 extant species of plants, defined as seed plants, bryophytes, ferns and fern allies. As of 2004, some 287,655 species had been identified, of which 258,650 are flowering and 18,000 bryophytes (see table below). Green plants, sometimes called Viridiplantae, obtain most of their energy from sunlight via a process called photosynthesis.

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Best November 2011
Weed Seeds Macro
Best October 2011
Miss Brittany Rey - a Portrait of Autumn Dahlia #4
Best September 2011
Array of colors
Best August 2011
Wild flower
Best July 2011
0958 Rose
Best June 2011
Aylostera muscula  - Orange
Best May 2011
Lotus under the sun
Best April 2011
An Easter Bouquet
Best March 2011
sunny day - [ EXPLORED ]
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