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LeYgE ADMIN February 12, 2015
WELCOME to all new members. Please, photos only!


* A santa ignorância é a diabólica sabedoria. (Drummond - Avesso das coisas)

* The saint ignorance is diabolical wisdom.
(Drummond - Avesso das coisas)

Group Description

This group is destined to all that they desire to share photos on people with its traditions. It includes photos of people, cities, foods, values spirituals, etc., everything which is related the people and its customs. For each photo that will be added it comments one in the galeriado one of the group. Will be removed the photos that run away from the subject, for exemple, landscapes, animals. Follows a criterion of common-sense, therefore they understand that the group belongs to all and each one must make its part to be able to reach the objective to get a pretty gallery of photos that follows a visual coherence with the respective name of the group.

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Impact zone  .  .  .

Impact zone . . .

Megaron Txucarramãe, on the left, was removed from his 26-year career at FUNAI on October 28, 2011. Megaron, and other Kayapó leaders such as Raoni, standing next to me, have been vocal critics of possible environmental impacts of construction of the Belo Monte dam on the Xingu River near Altamira, Pará:

Megaron Txucarramãe, cacique Kaiapó, que já foi diretor do Parque Indigena do Xingu, foi demitido da carreira de 26 anos com FUNAI na sexta-feira dia 28 de outubro de 2011.
Cada um tira suas próprias conclusões: www.itamaraty.gov.br/sala-de-imprensa/selecao-diaria-de-n...

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/ericrstoner/] ericrstoner's

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[https://www.flickr.com/photos/fotobrino/] brinofoto

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Please add your WONDERFUL PICTURE to our group "PEOPLES and TRADITIONS"


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The WONDERFUL PICTURE was seen in the group "PEOPLES and TRADITIONS"



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Aang, Afayaivos, Akwaaba, Ali, Bem-vindo, Benvenuti, Benvidos, Benvinguts,
Biemplegaus, Bienvenida, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue, Bonvenon, Bula vinaia, Bun venit, Bures boahtin, Byenveni, Chaa-phe nang, Chào mung, Chetorochak, Chin'an gu hin yu, Degemer mat, Delhts'i, Dobre doshli, Dobro pozhalovat', Dynnargh, Emge kiraar, Enaa neenyo, Enna vishayam, Fáilte, Fair faa ye, Fon ngiang, Foon ying, Gashlee, Gazhaca ëtiskom, Ghini vinishi, Heni odjen, Hulel, Hush kildegez, Iiwy, Iorana, Irashaimasu, Irkht erganavidn, Kalos orisate, Kamogelo, Kanani n'oumagner, Karibu, Ketachok, Khush amaadiid, Kirzeer, Kopivosian, Koram pyrny, Kwareganigure, Lówání, Mabuhay, Maeva, Mai 'eka, Maliu mai, Malo e lava mai, Mápa tzúla, Marhaban, Märsha dooghiil, Mayad-ayad nga pag-abot, Mensooree, Mirë se vini, Mobrdzandeet, Mo'huisí, Mulumeni, Mwaiseni, Mwalandiridwa, Ndjoni gango, Nej tuaj los, Nith, Ochen macu', Om swastyastu, Omwe uya po, Oté, Pari yegak, Pasaykamuy, Piliganimu, Poryn vashliyna, Purintaxa, Quyakamsi, Quyana tailuten, Rahmat, Rekhim itegez, Selam, Sewa, Shagatom, Silamo, Siyaalemukela, Sondzela, Soo dhawoow, Sugeng rawuh, Sushri akal, Swagatam, Talofa, Tama, Tere tulemast, Tereguahê porãite, Tervetuloa, Tikilluaritsi, Ukenereri, Välkommen, Velkomin, Velkommen, Vitate, Volgid terintõt, Wachiya, Walcome, Wäljkiimen, Welcome, Welkom, Welkumme, Wëllkomm, Wilcume, Wilicom, Willkomme, Witajce k nam, Witamy serdecznie, Witôjtaz, Ximocehuitzino, Xosh gälmìsän, Yak'ei haat yigoodee, Yang shok, Yin dee, Yo manymak, Yra sunsa ketetper, Zhoyo

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Group Rules

1) Post 1, award 1;
2) Please, give positive feedback! Crude, rude, abusive language in the comments will not be tolerated.
3) Maximum photo's per day is 5;
4) Will be removed the photos that run away from the subject, for exemple, landscapes, animals, flowers, birds, etc. With the objective to have a pretty gallery of photos that follows a visual coherence with the respective name of the group;
5) Describe its photos so that the people can better understand the context of the image;
7) Porn, nudity and other such content is not allowed;
8) No video's;
9) Have fun!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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