Emanuele Faja PRO 5:16pm, 14 December 2012
Hey everybody,
I'm guessing quite a few people here use a Pentax K1000. I've just written a blog post on tips and tricks for the Pentax K1000 and I was wondering if there was anything I missed?

I am sure that there are some people here who have been using the K1000 for longer than I've been alive! ;)

Let me know what you think :)
mikeossur [deleted] 5 years ago
The mirror lock up trick works for virtually all mechanical Pentax cameras.

Including Spotmatics. The early semi automatic Spotmatics. This may include some (or all) of the pre Spotmatic designs too. The K2, KX, KM, MX, K1000. Am I missing any?

Cannot vouch for the LX though.
ryan.acree 5 years ago
The mirror lock up trick even works for the Pentax 6x7 without the MLU feature. Just pop the shutter one quick time after cocking.
Emanuele Faja PRO 5 years ago
I think the LX has MLU anyway so there is no need to use the trick but it could work anyway I suppose.
saejazz 5 years ago
Yes, the LX has MLU, it's part of the DoF preview lever/button.
mikeossur [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by mikeossur (member) 5 years ago
The KX also has MLU but tapping the shutter is always your backup ;)

I have a early pre Spotmatic, the SV and you can tap the shutter button on it with the same results.
aeomaster32 5 years ago
Good article. I have the split screen focus circle, but mine is not a SE model. I didn't know about winding on after a double exposure. Can't figure why it only moves a half frame.
The mirror lockup is very hit and miss, and it can't be good for the camera to short circuit it's normal sequence.
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