Biometar 80/2.8

sean_mcveigh 12:43am, 4 October 2009
Hello - I have just placed an order with Cupog for a P6 + Biometar 80. Was just wondering how sharp this lens is wide open? Can't wait to try this camera out! Thanks in advance.
sportsmen Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sportsmen (member) 12 years ago
filtran 12 years ago

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yes yes yes, shaaaaarppp!
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...but sharpness can often be lateral product of a much more important characteristic, which is - CONTRAST... I use it mostly wide open and seeing many results consider it sharper wide open than
CZeiss Planar 80/2.8 on Hassie.
dave.carswell 12 years ago
Cafe Hour
zgodzinski 12 years ago
Green on green with Pentacon Six (04.2008)

Cafe (04.2008) with E100G

MC Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm f2.8

It's sharp enough and I just realised I have not used it for over a year and a half, there are so many other great lenses that fit the Pentacon Six mount.
filtran Posted 12 years ago. Edited by filtran (member) 12 years ago
is it just me, or does the biometar/planar 80mmf2.8 give a more dramatic result on the P6 than on the hasselblad?

For me there is a definite PG "look" which is a sharper contrast between the centre of focus and the out of focus areas, which seem softer on the P6...
filtran 12 years ago
the 2nd photo by zgodzinski above is a good example of this
Vincént 12 years ago
I have been thinking many times about very specific mood of photos taken with P6 + Biometar 80/2.8. This particular lens has a specific bokeh too, and I have to agree, in combination with its sharpness and high contrast it is one of my favourite lenses at all.
memetic Posted 12 years ago. Edited by memetic (member) 12 years ago
There's another quality I like about the lens. I love the way that it "collects" light. I don't mean just the normal flaring you see on other lenses, but how it uniquely seems to illuminate areas of the image simply through the way the incoming light is diffracted into the camera. I've never seen it on any other lens. I don't use the MC but the "zebra" and it may be unique to that version as I imagine multi-coating might have some effect on this. I can still get this quality when mounting the 80mm on a Canon EOS 5D (see example 2).

None of these examples have any post-production on the light fall-off. The first one only had a contrast increase because the film was expired. The digital one I rescued a little because it was underexposed and I shot it JPEG only.
ce soir

while you wait for the others

And then general beautiful flaring of the lens (unaltered slide)...
they have left us alone
Diego DeNicola 12 years ago
Thats my biggest issue with this lens, the flaring. On some shots it's nice but on others it's ruined what would otherwise have have been a good shot and i get frustrated.

I guess if you like flaring then this lens is great!

I have tried it on my Nikon DSLR and it's extremely sharp and contrasty.
johnno_oz 12 years ago
It's an amazing lens. I was struck by how good it looked in the viewfinder photos are a bonus!

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