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spag85 ADMIN March 15, 2009
Welcome to the new Tilting trains group! All photos of tilting train services are welcome, including the Pendolino derivatives (like UK Class 390, Alfa Pendular, etc.) and the separate projects, like RegioSwinger, X2000, ICN.

Please join especially if you have photos of moving tilt operation! So we can have a nice selection of such pics in one place.

Group Description

Photos of tilting trains (Pendolinos and competitors) are welcome.

If you have a picture of visible tilting operation, please don't hesitate to add to the group!

Sister groups include the Italian-Swiss Cisalpino and the British Class 390 Pendolino, therefore photos of other products are especially encouraged.


Tilting trains are (usually multiple unit) trainsets capable of rotating the carriage bodies when negotiating curves, and thus allowing relatively high speed (20-30 km/h extra) operation on regular tracks where normal trains would need to slow down in curves for passenger comfort. It is a good compromise between regular and true high speed trains for countries with smaller budgets and for mountainous regions. Read more at Wikipedia.

The first and most common family of tilting trains are the Italian Pendolinos, manufactured by FIAT Ferroviaria, now belonging to Alstom. A lot of the derived systems share the same look, used in Portugal, Switzerland (Cisalpino), Czech Republic, Slovenia and FInland. The UK Class 390, however, has a different (and better looking) design. - Other tilting train projects include the Swedish X2000, the Swiss ICN, the German RegioSwinger and the US Acela.

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